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Hi Seymour Simon your visit to Greenfield was awesome thanks your friends in Mr. Shippee’s class !!!!!        smile :0

New york

Posted by Erik  on  02/27  at  04:19 PM

Tropical Rainforests is my favorite book by Seymour Simon. I like it because the pictures are so close up. You kind of feel like your in the rainforest with the creatures. For example, on page 16 the tree frog was as big as the page. I was so surprised when I saw it. smile

Posted by Priya 4-R  on  03/06  at  04:11 PM

I think Uranus is the best Seymour Simon book because it is SO far away from Earth
For example, I like the picture where they show you that Uranus lays on its side

Posted by Dylan 4-R  on  03/06  at  04:26 PM

Hello Seymour Simon my name is ricky or my real name is Jose I’m 10 year old and I want to ask you a question and its that when you finish writing a book and your a child what do you do next? Please answer me
please. smile smile smile smile smile smile smile

Posted by ricky or jose  on  03/08  at  12:15 AM

shock soooo cool

Posted by Covin  on  12/05  at  05:59 PM
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