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That is so cute!!  I think the baby seal had just gotten lost so it went in. It probably came back for warmth and a place to call it’s own.

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Posted by aderagon  on  12/18  at  04:35 PM

A nature guy was out in the wilderness and was studding animals in their nature. When he went home there was a storm. When he came back he saw something in his tent and it was a seal pup.So he shook the tent to try to get the seal pup out and the seal pup did. He boarded up the tent so the seal pup did not come back in. so when he was done with that he went back home. The next day he went back to the tent and again their he was the seal pup in there. So the the explorer just shared some space with the seal pup.

Posted by Nathaniel  on  12/20  at  01:30 PM

One day he woke up to see that his shade was damaged. He looked inside to see that there was a trapped seal inside.At first he tried to keep the seal out but every time he came back from work to see the seal in his shades. He soon realized that he needed to share the space with to baby seal.

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Posted by Ben  on  12/20  at  01:30 PM

An animal that was in the wilderness all alone pecking its head out of the tepee because a taruble storm hit were the the animal was. That poor animal was all alone in the small tepee.And that little animal was sitting there in that tepee all alone crying and that storm did not stop for a long time. and that animal didn’t have no food and the animals head peaking in and out of the tepee.

Posted by Cameron  on  12/20  at  01:30 PM

Probably the seal was just lonely and it wanted a place to stay so it picked that place. Also it was maybe training to find where it was going. The seal was also smart and cute. I would say it was quizzical. What would happen if there was a secret and it came in through there? After all it is a baby. smile

Posted by Sai  on  12/20  at  01:33 PM

Raymond Besant’s job is to spend three weeks observing a colony of wild seals. He must of got lonely,
right. That’s when the adorable baby seal came in. He left a un pleasant wet dog smell, and was molding so he left fur too. After a couple of time they shared the space.
  So Raymond not so lonely any more right, he’s got a cute baby seal. He might even got more footage by observing the baby seal then the colony.


Posted by Kevis  on  12/20  at  01:34 PM

One time i went out to do chores and when i got back my house was totled and when i went in i saw a baby seal i tried to keep it out but it just kept coming back so i decided to let it live with me.

Posted by whatthetoby  on  12/20  at  01:35 PM

(writing response)

I was supposed to make a documentary on the colonies of baby seals.I built a stake out that no animal would notice,with a hole for the camera lens to look through.One morning when I went to the stakeout I couldn’t believe what I saw,I saw a baby grey seal.I delicately came in the hide out but then the baby seal rushed out.On the past few days every time i came out i saw that baby seal

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Posted by shiny  on  12/20  at  01:36 PM

Raymond Besant’s job was to spend 3 weeks filming a colony of grey seals for a nature documentary.He made a hiding that looked like it was in nature called a blind and added a hole so he could film the colony without disturbing the seals.
  When Raymond came back to the blind one morning he noticed hat everything in it was wrecked.At first he thought it was a storm but then realized it was a sleeping seal pup.
  Raymond shook the blind and the seal pup went away. He said that the seal pup was molting so it smelled like a wet dog in the blind.
  Even though the seal pup went away it came back every morning.Soon Raymond Besant stopped trying t to block the seal pup and shared the blind with him.
  Raymond described the seal pup as"a clever pup that was trying to find somewhere warm and dry to stay.


Posted by Veda  on  12/20  at  01:36 PM

I think the baby seal is very cute.The seal might of just been looking for a warm place to stay. As for crawling into the cameraman’s tent that was just an act of looking for a good dry place to stay.I think maybe the pup was also just straight out lost.Again the seal pup was very!!!!!!!!!!!!


Posted by Meghan  on  12/20  at  01:38 PM

Raymond Besant was on a job for taking pictures.One day he saw a little head sticking out of his tent. He shook the tent till the seal got out.The next day he saw the little head again.He decided to share the space with him.

Posted by Anna  on  12/20  at  01:38 PM

One day, I went out for a walk and when I came back… I realized that my shelter, where i was staying for the night, was damaged! I looked around to see if i could find a clue to the someone or something that did it. There was an awful smell kinda similar to wet dog. I looked around some more and I found something like some kind of fur and I realized it was an animal. I boarded up the shelter so that what ever it was it couldn’t get into MY shelter again. The next day I went out again and when I came back a baby seal cub was poking its head through a hole in my shelter! I decided to let it say! It was just a baby seal that wanted to have some shelter!

Posted by Abby  on  12/20  at  01:39 PM

A baby seal got adopted by a wildlife cameraman. To take pics of seals, the wildlife cameraman got the idea of putting a blind so he didn’t have to disturb the seals. The next day when he came back from work he saw that his blinds were torn. He thought it was from a storm yesterday but when he looked closely at the blinds he saw seal fur and a baby seal near it. The cameraman fixed the blinds but every time the baby seal broke the blind. Finally he thought “this smart seal found a place where it liked and felt safe” : )  : )

New York

Posted by dolly  on  12/20  at  01:39 PM

This story is from the seal’s point of view smile : “Finally.” I sigh. I’ve been traveling upstream all day, and I have finally found somewhere dry to stay. Before I can even think about rest, a strange creature walks through what looks to me like a plank of wood. He awkwardly swims toward me… As soon as he sees me, he screams. He tries everything in his power to get rid of me;but I am to smart for him.
      The next day, he tries to get rid of me again :(...
      Finally, this weird creature accepts that i have invaded his home, and chosen to live here. He sighs and says something in unreadable human talk, “this smart seal found a place where it liked and felt safe.”  smile

Posted by rebeccarose3219  on  01/17  at  06:00 PM

Just the sweetest! Great photos of this adorable little fella, they made my day!

Posted by London Accountants Lady  on  10/21  at  01:25 PM
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