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In a non-fiction article, I read that sharks are not who they seem to be. You might swim in a pool full of sharks and they see you floating in the water. Maybe they were just hungry. Maybe they misunderstood and thought you were food that was floating on the top of the water. You can’t blame them for being hungry, right?  I don’t believe that sharks are a menace. I believe that they should be treated like they are worthy of kindness and love.

Portland, OR

Posted by Natalie  on  05/23  at  03:49 PM

There are only 100 shark attacks every year and only 10 cause death to humans. When humans kill thousands of sharks every year. So, I think I might agree with the author on this one. I think sharks do have worthy of love. The reason is because they don’t kill us on purpose. As for us, we kill them on purpose for making things to eat.  grin

Portland, Oregon

Posted by Quinn  on  05/23  at  03:51 PM

    We kill hundreds of thousands of sharks each year while sharks kill only 10 ppl each year. You are more likely to be hit by a coconut then to be attacked by a shark. So ppl of the world respect sharks and try to save them it would be greatly appreciated :p

Posted by Jessica  on  05/29  at  09:01 PM

Why oh why! Most sharks think we are just seals! Surfers swim with their arms and the water creates an illusion of a seal. Dont hurt sharks. They may hurt us, but because of people they are mostly endangered. It is sad. If only we could all stop it. It shames me to know that some of my kind murder sharks everyday! Sharks should be loved like every other animal in the world!

New York

Posted by Isbela  on  06/06  at  05:56 PM

Sharks are innocent. They don t kill us on purpose but we do. We kill them just for food. I agree with the author on this because they just think we are seals or they were just hungry. When we are very hungry, we could eat almost anything there is! Sharks are meant to be loved just like every other animal.

New York

Posted by Vanessa  on  06/07  at  11:57 AM

Many shark eat humans because they mistake the object. Sharks and scary but really are not that scary. Sharks are being killed more than people are. We should try to protect them. I think everyone should agree on this!!!

New York

Posted by Subaita  on  06/08  at  05:25 PM

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Posted by Subaita  on  06/09  at  10:12 AM

Dear Seymour Simon,
It’s been a while since I’ve been on here, but I’d like to ask you about Komodo dragons…I am doing yet another research paper for 6th grade, and I was just wondering if you were thinking about writing a book on them smile it would be AWESOME if you did! I find Komodo dragons one of the most interesting (and biggest!) land animals! :D


Posted by Olivia  on  10/04  at  08:25 PM

Hi Seymour Simon, I sent my comment very long ago and I for one still believe what I said. Do some people agree? Yes. Does anyone not agree? Most definitely.
Your blog is exquisite. Hope you don’t stop.
I’m inspired.

Great work!

Portland, OR

Posted by Natalie  on  10/07  at  12:25 AM
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