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Jellyfishes sting me..Ow! They are still good animals that dont mean to hurt you.Jellyfish are just meant to be like that. They dont want to hurt you. They just need self defense and are afraid of getting hurt. Jellyfish are good so if one stings you, dont blame it! It justs wants to be your friend!

New York

Posted by Isbela  on  06/06  at  12:16 PM

Have you ever seen a jellyfish? Jellyfish are simple animals. They are invertabrates which is where their name probably came from. They can vary in many sizes from Irukandiji which is only 5 millemeters large to the Lion’s Mane which is about 7 feet and 6 Inches. Imagine that! It is about 2 and a half average sized fifth graders! Jellyfish are amazing creatures. You may think we know a lot about them but what you dont know is that some species remain undiscovered. In short, jellyfish are pretty cool! Dont you thinks so?

New York

Posted by Isbela  on  06/06  at  12:34 PM

2.Bouncy Looking
4.Has many hands
5.A good subject you could write about! LOL

New York

Posted by Calvin  on  06/06  at  02:16 PM

First i thank you for coming to my school today

Jellyfish sting.
They are huge or they are small.
They live in water
They look like see through mushrooms
They have tentacle looking things
They are invertebrates

They are also very cool creatures
cool smile

New York

Posted by Sumaita  on  06/06  at  03:22 PM

jelly fish are very interesting animals.Jelly fish are very cool creatures,but they sting people alote .OH mr seymour simon thank you very much for comming to my school today
cool smile

new york

Posted by steven  on  06/06  at  06:25 PM

Thank you for coming to P.S.152Q! You taught and entertained me. cheese

New York

Posted by Calvin  on  06/07  at  04:04 AM

i think jelly fishes are preety exept that isbela is right they are really stingy and you could get terribly hurt depending on what u do to it grrr

ny ps90

Posted by willbert  on  06/08  at  05:13 AM

hello seymoursimon thank you so much for coming to our school I really apreshiate it. and WOW! jelly fish are so interesting!  grin


Posted by daniel  on  06/08  at  11:45 AM


They are pretty
Could hurt a lot when they sting you
Are like butterflies in the flying in the air
Jellyfish are interesting

New York

Posted by Subaita  on  06/08  at  02:42 PM


Are pretty
Isbela was right about jellyfish
We are sometimes the one who wants to hurt them
They are like butterflies

New York

Posted by Subaita  on  06/09  at  05:01 AM
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