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All of the creatures in this picture are alive and exist in a symbiotic relationship. Being close to the same color helps the coral and the goby fish to work together. The coral reproduces among itself and is always creating a new habitat, as well as food, for the sea creatures, The coral becomes shelter for the fish and at the same time provides protection from predators. These predators might include; dolphins, whales, sharks, larger fish, jelly fish and crabs. The sea anemone hiding inside the coral is poisonous to other fish and makes predators stay away from the goby’s hiding place. In summary, these creatures all depend on one another to be able to survive in the ocean.

Miss Kyle’s 4th Grade Class
Shoemaker Elementary
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sooo cool i luv it !!!! grin

Posted by lauren  on  05/02  at  11:47 AM

cool smile i like your pictures they are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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