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One of the very interesting things about the discovery of this sun-less planet is that because there is no star shining brightly next to PSO J318.5-22, we can see it very clearly in order to study what happens on a gas giant like Jupiter shortly after its birth.

That’s why space exploration is important. Oftentimes in space we are able to learn things that would be impossible to explore here at home.

Posted by Seymour Simon  on  10/24  at  09:34 AM

Writing Wednesday October 23,2013` 
I don’t think PSOJ 318.5-22 is a good name for this new planet.I think it should be named starless 12000000. I say that because it is starless, and it is near a pack of stars that formed 12000000 years ago


Posted by Ajay  on  11/20  at  02:43 PM

October 23 2013
I would name this planet purple giant and no psoj318522 is a terrible name.I would name it this because it is 6 times greater than jupiter and it looks purple


Posted by Duncan  on  11/20  at  02:46 PM

I would name this planet Planet Mega Purple. I would name it this name because it is purple and it is very big.

Posted by Dani  on  12/20  at  01:27 PM
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