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Wild: An animal such as a horse or a plant such as a tree that lives in a natural envierment. Envierments like forests, plains, beaches, deserts, or mountains.They live in those places because they are free and safe from people catching them.

    I think this is an awesome word because I have a passion for wild animals and plants. I think they should be able to get peace and run around free like we should too.

    The Chincoteague ponies are wild and should always run free. People can watch them but not touch or feed them.

Posted by Bridget  on  12/13  at  01:20 PM

If I could make a model of an animal, I would make a model of a Narwal because because a Narwal is a very uncommon arctic animal. It looks like a whale with a unicorn horn on its nose. It would be a very interesting animal to make a model of!

Posted by Sarah  on  12/14  at  04:03 PM

I would make a mud-brown horse, 3 feet long and 3 feet wide and 2 feet tall. I would use foil and clay. My friends would be very impressed. It will take 25 hours.


Posted by Sophia  on  12/27  at  08:38 PM

These are parts of a shark:  gill slits, dorsal fin, caudal fin, pelvic fin, and pectoral fin.

Sharks have 2-3 rows of teeth.

The whale shark is the largest fish.  It is 90,000 pounds.

Posted by Zackery  on  05/09  at  09:37 PM

nice shark really like it grin


Posted by xxavier  on  04/09  at  02:15 PM

This is a really cool shark. I wish I could make something like that!


Posted by Jaden  on  04/09  at  02:18 PM
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