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In this poem, the cat is licking the narrator’s chin and cheek.  How we figured this out was that we know that cats purr, they have fur, cats cuddle, and have rough tongues like sandpaper.  We think it would be very unpleasent to wake up in this manner.  We liked how Ms. Katz hinted that it was a cat but didn’t say it straightforward. We loved how this poem made us think. grin

Mrs. Alaniz’s Class

Posted by Mrs. Alaniz's Class  on  05/01  at  02:07 PM

Thanks for the comment Mrs. Alaniz’s Class! Did you notice that the author of the poem (Mrs. Katz) has a name that is a hint about the subject of her poem? Seymour grin

Posted by Seymour Simon  on  05/01  at  03:11 PM

We loved this poem.  Our thinking changed once we read your reply to Mrs. Alaniz’s class.  We think that the author might be you!!  tongue wink

We give this poem 5 stars!

(This is our very first blog experience!)

Mrs. Ellefson’s Class
Menomonie, Wisconsin

Posted by Mrs. Ellefson's Class  on  05/01  at  04:46 PM

LOL, Mrs. Ellefson’s Class, sorry, but there really is a Mrs. Katz! We’ll publish the name of the poem sometime tomorrow!

Thanks for writing guys!

Posted by Seymour Simon  on  05/01  at  05:42 PM

At first, we were confused by kisses that could be sandpaper. They didn’t sound too nice. The purring and fur clues helped us to realize that the poem was about a kitty.
We REALLY liked that the poet’s name was Ms. Katz. We used the book “Pocket Poems” by Bobbie Katz for Poem in Your Pocket Day a couple of weeks ago. surprised

Mrs. Macdonald’s Class
So. Burlington, Vermont

Posted by Mrs. Macdonald's Class  on  05/02  at  05:47 PM

i liked your poem and i thought that that you are great writer and you love animal like me

Ludhiana (India)

Posted by maninder  on  05/08  at  06:20 AM

The sandpaper kisses are licks from cats, because cats like and pur.
Danielle, Georgia

Posted by heartgirl14  on  05/18  at  02:06 PM
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