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The black tornadoe traveld across the dessert like a witches hat tumbling in the wind. My heart was thumping fast.What if it comes my way?

as vegas nv

Posted by Kahria  on  01/31  at  01:25 PM

black scarey fast strong harry

Posted by kurt  on  01/31  at  02:06 PM

I would feel like it’s a beautiful sight, but id be terrified!
I’d run away as fast as I could!
I hate being close to stuff that can kill me!
Sand would be everywhere!
I hate it when sand gets in my mouth! It’s a terrible taste!
I would not like being there!
By Olivia

Posted by Olivia  on  02/04  at  03:28 PM

I would run to the closest shelter, feeling my hair blowing in my face. It smells like danger. Its spinning so fast that I thought it was a dream! It was dark out and the wind was speeding up. I’m in a shelter so scared that I’m going to get sucked up by the wind. It sounds like breaking glass and crashing cars. I’m so hot but I rather be hot then sucked up. The wind is going down I hope it’s heading for another direction.
By Christine

Posted by Christine  on  02/04  at  03:30 PM

I see vast sky of darkness and orange all around in my sight.
My ear drum hurts more than being on an air plane with an engine with a screechy microphone.
I know once it touches the ground there will be no stopping its powerful force of destruction. I see dust and a black cloud in the tornado and all around It I feel myself slipping away from the ground.
          By Jalen, MA

Posted by Jalen  on  02/04  at  03:31 PM

I see sand, branches, and wind swirling around. I hear people’s horrified screams. The tornado looks like a bullhorn. I would feel scared and worried because my family could be injured.

Posted by Colin H.  on  02/04  at  03:32 PM

I see a big black funnel cloud. I hear a howling wind.  I taste sand in my mouth and feel pebbles on my face.  I would be scared to death because there is a huge tornado.
By Marcos

Posted by Marcos  on  02/04  at  03:32 PM

If I was in Africa and saw this tornado I would be amazed and scared at the same time. It would be very cool and thrilling but also I would be afraid that I was going to die.  I would not want to get too close to it because I would not want to get hurt.
By Gracey

Posted by Gracey  on  02/04  at  03:32 PM

I would immediately run away from it, and go to the nearest shelter so it will not go near me. If I went any close to it my hair and sand would be blowing in the rough wind. I would in the shelter until the tornado went away, and I was safe. When I was out there I smelled danger and fear, I was very scared , and at first I did not know what to do. But once I got into that shelter all that danger and fear went away. I would stay there until it went away, then quickly find my way home.

By: Bridget

Posted by Bridget  on  02/04  at  03:36 PM

“Swwswwswsw!” I heard a faint swishing sound in the distance. The sun was blazing here in the Namib Desert in Nambia, but in the background of this beautiful landscape, a deadly tornado uproots trees. It is pure black with dark gray dust to the side. It has fast winds- enough force to lift a brick building. I felt that warm wind. It sent a shiver down my spine. Dust clouded in my eyes along with a dry taste stuck on my tongue. This was a true, deadly twister.
By: Will

Posted by Will  on  02/04  at  03:37 PM

If I was in Africa and saw this tornado I would be amazed and frightened.  I would be amazed because it would be very interesting. I would be frightened because I would not like to get hurt or die.
By Courtney

Posted by Courtney  on  02/04  at  03:37 PM

During the sunset, a large, black, and intimidating tornado towers over the African sand. The whirling wind whips around wildly. Sand flies everywhere and showers the desert. I am scared that the tornado is coming too close to me. The tornado is beautiful and deadly at the same time. I hear sand sprinkling everything and the wind slashing violently.

By Kaya

Posted by Kaya  on  02/04  at  03:39 PM

If I was in Africa seeing this tornado I would be really scared. First I because I don’t like the wind and second I would be in a dangerous spot in the world.  Last I would also be so sacred that I would want to get as far away as possible.

By Lizzy

Posted by Lizzy  on  02/04  at  03:40 PM

WHOOSH!!!! Went the tornado as it continued on its way destroying everything in its path. It twirled and swirled until it got to a tree. CRUNCH!! Went the tree as it got sucked up by the tornado. The big black shadow kept going.


Posted by Colin R  on  02/04  at  03:40 PM

Swoosh!! went the tornado as it lifted everything up from the ground. I saw a big black storm lifting up trees and throwing them. Sand was blowing in the air. I heard a big roaring sound as it went all over the place. I felt a warm breeze of dust against me. I was happy I didn’t get close to this big tornado.

Posted by Jonathan  on  02/04  at  03:41 PM

If I were in Africa and a tornado was there I would be very scared and petrified. It would be very strong and fierce. It would sound like a huge mound of wind that is just coming from so many storms mixed together.
  By: Jessica

Posted by Jessica  on  02/04  at  03:42 PM

The tornado twirled around, spiraling toward a tree on the barren land. A black mass of destruction, it acts like a bulldozer as it sweeps across the desert. The sound of the thunder made my teeth rattle. Anything in the way of this giant is tossed around inside the storm like a toy. If I were there, I would be running away as fast as I could.


Posted by Caroline  on  02/04  at  03:43 PM

If I was in that storm I would hear whirling winds. I would see blackish brownish swirling wind. I would also see destruction. I would be scared to death and sprint away. This is what I would do if I saw that tornado\
By Chris

Posted by Chris  on  02/04  at  03:43 PM

If I was in Africa I would be really scared. I would feel the wind blow back my hair and the sand going in my eyes. I would have butterflies in my stomach. I would see the roots of trees being ripped up and the sights being destroyed.

Posted by Kay  on  02/04  at  03:44 PM

The blackish grayish funnel cloud soars through the AFRICAN land.
The black gray massive destructive cloud roars. It moves through quickly.
The tree bends like a straw as the Tornado breaks. The sand flies everywhere in the African land.

Posted by Nicholas  on  02/04  at  03:45 PM

The tornado is taking trees from the ground. It’s a light breeze
From where I am. It sounds like a whisper. It looks like a black
Hook coming from the sky. I feel the warm relaxing air. I wish I
Could see feel and hear that again.


Posted by Derek  on  02/04  at  03:46 PM

I was terrified! There was a giant tornado spinning ,and spinning !
People were screaming ,and running for life! Some people froze
looking at the tornado . The tornado sounded like swoosh! Swoosh!
My family was far ahead of me! I was lost with other people ,but
Then I saw Joey he stopped walking he was crying. I’m too weak.
“Joey:” I said I   ran to him come on my back we have to keep running!
The spit in my face! The desert was getting tons of damage. Joey
Started crying .We’ll be safe soon Joey I promise. Finally we
Entered a safe shelter. I found my Mom and Dad. They said
You were so brave! Joey told them how I saved him! Joey went off my shoulders.  Where is Colin? Mom asked. I don’t know .  Soon I heard an
announcement . There’s a 11 year old boy named Colin
looking for his family! Dad rushed to find Colin!
He did we were all safe!


Posted by Kristina  on  02/04  at  04:48 PM

I see a dark black fast swirling tornado in the sky that was blue. I hear the rumbling scary noise coming from the tornado that’s swirling fast while hitting the ground. The sound and how the tornado looked out on the desert floor made me scared and I wondered if the tornado would ever stop.

By: Amber

Posted by Amber  on  02/04  at  05:31 PM

Whir, Whirr, Whirrr… I stood and watched in complete fascination. I am mesmerised! Caught up in its beauty, I lose myself. This large, chocolate coloured, swirling mass was bigger than anything I had ever seen before! As this giant ton of sand swirled about tossing its assortment of collected morsels, I suddenly become aware of its growing size. It was getting closer! What shall I do, to save me? I began to walk backwards, terrified that this Tornado would suddenly engulf me if I took my eyes off it for a millisecond. Where should I go? Who will rescue me? Alone, here in this dessert wilderness, where the sun beats down cruelly and not even an ant is safe. What would I do? What will you do? Who can save us from this wretched place? The sun beats down, stealing in its wake and creates a brutal landscape. No shelter! No shelter! No cave! No lake! The sound gets louder, I scream, I shudder, I shake ... And to my surprise, I awake. Thank God it wasn’t real, it was just a dream. I lie awake starring at my bedroom ceiling in a pool of sweat. I lie there contemplating the tornados of life’s reality. Who will save us in sandy storms, where will we go, what will we do, who will offer us comfort? ...I know only but one who is truly able to cause the sands subside… Yes, it is indeed the maker of all this beauty…

Micheline O.
United Kingdom

Posted by Micheline O.  on  09/09  at  10:48 PM

January 30,2013       If I saw that tornado i would be looks like it is strong because it is sweeping up dust and sand here and has a high whistle like sound.the sight is scary and terrifying.since tornadoes move fast it would be hard to get away.The tornado looks so strong that it could make a brick building come down in one sweep.It must send dust, sand and rocks everywhere.


Posted by Jessica  on  11/20  at  02:49 PM
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