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I am only 5. Small and may dress up like chick baby, so they won t be scared.

Hong Kong

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Katie   O’Leary   Eleanor Roosevelt

Hail-rain drops that are frozen and fall from the sky. They can be as big as a baceball or an orange.

Hail is awesome because when it falls from the sky it can hit your hand and melt. but it also can damage your cars, or hurt you.

Hail is coming down from the sky today

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I would whisper stay calm we are trying to save you.I would feel like a superhero!


Posted by Jenna  on  12/09  at  11:09 AM

Gabby B. 3rd grade Eleanor Roosevelt

I would talk in a whisper voice and say “cluck, chirp, wack.” I would dress white and put a little red on my face. That’s what I would do if I was a Sandhill cranes parent.

Posted by Gabby  on  12/12  at  12:01 AM

Name: Katie Macan
school: QuarryHill
teacher: Mrs. McIntire
My awesome word is granite.
My definition is, a rock with a pantern on it often the colors are gray black or white or all of them.
My sentence is: In my kitchen the counters are made of granite.

Posted by Katie  on  12/13  at  11:30 PM
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