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Dear Mr. Simon,
If I saw this snake I would wonder Is it dead? Is it sleeping?

Posted by Zack P.  on  12/07  at  03:00 PM

Dear Mr. Simon,
We saw a snake poke its head out of a pile of leaves. I got a pair of gloves while my friend, Tyler, watched the snake. We got a jar and chased the snake into it. Then we took it to the driveway and let it out of the jar. My friend picked up the snake and the snake bit his hand. We didn’t realize the snake could bite.

Posted by Andrew and Richard  on  12/07  at  03:14 PM

dear Seymour Simon,
I read your Snakes book and I found a mistake! Snakes are venomous, not poisonous. Venomous means to inject venom and poisonous means to touch or absorb it. I learned this at Lake Pleasant in Arizona. It was my field trip. My name is Jack. I’m a student at Wildfire Elementary School in Phoenix,Arizona.I still love snakes and reptiles.


Posted by Jack R.  on  02/06  at  07:50 PM

Dear Mr Simon,
I Had Just Researched The Snakes In New York And Two of the Snakes Were The Black Rat Snake And The Northern Black Racer. They Both Were Very Interesting . The Reason Why They Are Both Interesting Is That They Both Help Humans By Eating Rodents.  Some Cool Facts About Them Are The Black Rat Snake Lays Eggs And The Northern Black Racer Slithers Away From Humans Quickly.   
Those Are Some Reasons Why I Think Those Snakes In New York Are Cool.

Posted by EJ  on  03/05  at  05:12 PM

Hello Simon, I would describe the snake in the picture as uncomfortable in a spiky background like that. If I imagined it in a maple wood tree, it would feel a bit more comfortable in my opinion.

Portland, OR

Posted by Natalie  on  05/26  at  03:40 AM
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