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I think the most powerful words are when you say “He sees a speck, it becomes larger”.  I also like the part when you say “The bird’s powerful strokes breaks his forward motion.”


Posted by Keaton  on  04/25  at  11:09 AM

Dear Seymour Simon
I thought it was interesting to learn about eagles and how they live and your techniques you use to get pictures of eagles and I liked your sayings to be a eagle you have to think like a eagle.


Posted by Dylan  on  04/25  at  11:13 AM

When I was reading this story I really enjoyed all the description on the eagles and Jack, how he would describe how he would get ready for the eagles to come and how he would know when the eagles would come.  I found a simile when I was reading “The big talons extend and appear like splayed stars as the wings scoop the air in front of them.”  I also really liked how there was a small speck and it started to become larger and larger ad then it ended up being the eagle circling in front of him.


Posted by Jenna  on  04/25  at  11:21 AM

I think 2 powerful words are protrude and concealing tongue wink raspberry rolleyes  cool grin


Posted by baylee  on  04/25  at  11:25 AM

I am really enjoying everyone’s writing about this passage from THINK LIKE AN EAGLE. Just so that everyone is clear, though, I didn’t write this book. This was written by a friend of mine, the wonderful nature writer Kathryn Lasky, with photographs by her husband, Christopher Knight. I am glad to see that this powerful writing prompted so many of you to write back!

—- Seymour

Posted by Seymour Simon  on  04/25  at  01:10 PM

I think that the Metaphor
‘The night melts into dawn.’
Is a really cool metaphor and a really great choice of words.    smile


Posted by Cayden  on  04/25  at  03:11 PM

The information that you included in this article was very informational and interesting. There are a whole bunch of facts about eagles that I ddidnt know before


Posted by Hannah  on  04/25  at  03:11 PM

I thought it was a fascinating article but i think he could of used more details to describe how the bird looks and how it react


Posted by jaron  on  04/25  at  03:12 PM

Dear Seymour Simon,
  I really like how descriptive this was like, the grey glass reflects of the camera an it frightens the birds. I really REALLY like descriptive words thats why i really like this artical. You have an amazing talent with descriptive words and patience.

Hayden LOL

Posted by Hayden  on  04/25  at  03:15 PM

Dear Seymour Simon,
    I really liked how descriptive you were!  I also liked how it really explained what you where doing.  It was cool how it was kind of like a list so it told what you where doing.  And I think it was very interesting!!


Posted by Maddie  on  04/25  at  03:16 PM

I think some powerful language in this text would probably be when u said that you you liked the button and the camera was “clicking” and “whirling!” I thought that was powerful because it was so descriptive. You couldve just said that you cpressed the button on the camera and took a picture.


Posted by anna  on  04/25  at  03:17 PM

Dear, Seymour Simon
I liked the detailed and descriptive words your story. Its interesting all the work you go through just for AMAZING pictures. My favorite part in your story was the detail on how the eagle swooped down to eat:)


Posted by chaia  on  04/25  at  03:17 PM

i like how you use a lot of discriptive words and how you have alot of patience for the eagle. you have an amazing way of describing things, it makes it easier to visualize it


Posted by Alexa  on  04/25  at  03:18 PM

I like how the author used the similes , like when they say an eagle is circling over the blind it’s wings held in a nearly perfect horizontal plane until it’s wings defended. I also like all the metaphors like when they said the night melts into dawn. I think that adding similes and metaphors really help the readers to get sucked into the book. Trust me smile


Posted by Maysa  on  04/25  at  03:18 PM

This story was incredibly descriptive. Like the “a soft pink light tinges the sky,” that describes the scenes amazingly, the “Firing button” that just really lets you imagine how fast the pictures are being taken. And especially the “To hope for an eagle, you must learn to think like an eagle.” I thought that really explained how long people had to wait and learn these things. Over all I thought this story was very informative and very well written….  wink raspberry :O smile wink

Maddy M

Posted by Maddy M  on  04/25  at  03:19 PM

Dear Symour Simon

I liked went it said the speck got bigger and bigger because it shows that at first you didn’t know but later when it was closer you knew what it was. Also when you said firing button because it really gave meaning on what it was like

Posted by collin  on  04/25  at  03:21 PM

I liked the descriptive words you used like whirrling I think it is a powerful word to use because you said it is clicking and whirrling and most cameras to whirl so i can just picture this and the word tinge because you said that the sky was turning pink and tingeing. i think it is cool because i can just see it in my head


Posted by Jenna  on  04/25  at  03:22 PM

I think the most powerful words were swivel and peering
I think it was swivel because it tells that he is moving and how he is moving

and peering because it tells me that he is kind of peeking out to see what he is looking for


Posted by Anthony  on  04/25  at  03:22 PM

dear seymour simon,

i think you have good patience if you can wait that long to take pictures of eagles and i saw the picture that you took and i think it is a good picture:§


Posted by loren  on  04/25  at  03:23 PM

It said that the eagles were shy and weary and that you had to be shy puting the food out the he goes back to his tent and he said he has been waiting to take the picture then finally they came and he clicked the button and click he got it.


Posted by Zech  on  04/25  at  03:23 PM

I think powerful words were lightly and descends.
The lightly just seems like a powerful word.
Descends is just a really good choice.


Posted by colton  on  04/25  at  03:23 PM

I think the words in this writing are very descriptive.  I also think the story its self is amazing and is very detailed.  Some examples of powerful writing you used are “flittering movement” its a good way to describe the birds in the sky, also “Whirling” It said the camera was clicking and whirling, I think that that is also a good word.  wink


Posted by Alyssa  on  04/25  at  03:29 PM

I think the most two powerful words he used were, the birds have powerful strokes , and how the birds had fluttering movements. I thought those were the two most powerful words because they really expressed the birds actions.


Posted by Elli  on  04/25  at  03:32 PM

In the story, I found a lot of powerful stuff. Like “a soft pink light”. It really describes what the sunrise looked like. Same with “it held a nearly perfect horizontal plane”.
That describes how the eagle is flying. smile


Posted by Noah  on  04/25  at  03:47 PM

Well, it is certainly clear that this book is interesting to lots of my readers! I will be sure to send this link to the author and photographer who created this book, Kathryn Lasky and Christopher Knight, so that they can read your writing.

——- Seymour

Posted by Seymour Simon  on  04/25  at  06:28 PM
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