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The squit has a color of a dry tree log with 8 legs that shines bright in the dark water. The eyes appear on the side but has to dots that camouflage the area .

Posted by Rekell  on  01/11  at  03:08 PM

(i am going to write from the squids point of view of the ocean down below)

The dark water consumes my rusty-red body. Big, menacing fish swim by slowly. An angler fish swims below me, it’s light glowing brightly to attract it’s next meal…. Down here its dark, and you have to strain your eyes to see in front of you. Oh no! A predator! I go into my crafty defense mechanisms. The predator looms around puzzled, and evantually swims away. Hoo-ray! Im saved! Now to go find some prey of my own.

Posted by Marissa (Churchville Elem. 10 yrs. old)  on  01/12  at  11:52 AM

Hi Rekell and Marissa, good job posting your writing on my Writing Wednesday Blog. 

Marissa, I’ve been following your postings on my blog for awhile now and I’m so pleased at what you’re doing. This is an excellent writing paragraph using a different point of view.

Posted by Seymour Simon  on  01/12  at  03:11 PM

That looks so weird!

Posted by Mary (Call me Cheetah Girl)  on  01/28  at  07:43 PM

That is super weird

Posted by Miranda  on  01/30  at  02:40 PM
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