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Your books are awesome. How many books did you make?I like your whale book.I can’t wait until you come to catskill elementary school.

Catskill, NY

Posted by isaiah  on  06/01  at  07:27 PM

Dear Mr. Simon,
  Good afternoon!  I am very excited that we will have the opportunity to Skype with you on Thursday, June 7th.  Earlier in the year, students wrote their own nonfiction book about a topic of their choice.  Some topics students chose included, tornadoes, lightening, basketball, skyscrapers, zebras, Civil War, World War II, ocean, pets, and many different kinds of dogs.  The second graders have enjoyed your Writing Wednesday blog especially the “Why I want a Puppy” assignment.
  I agree that dogs are more than just pets, but friends too.  I grew up always having pets in my family.  I’ll never forget my white miniature Poodle, Nicki.  When I was in elementary school he was one of my best friends.  Nicki would wake me up by jumping on my bed and licking my face.  If that didn’t work he would begin to nibble at my long brown hair, until I finally got up. “Alright, alright, I’m up!”  I often would say. He would greet me with a bark every day as I got off the school bus.  We would snuggle on the couch and I would watch, Boy Meets World, one of my favorite T.V. shows.  He always knew when I was upset, and he would lick all of my tears away.  Nicki was a part of the family and I’ll never forget the good times we’ve shared and the love we had for one another. 
  The most popular pet in the United States are dogs.  Recently, my family adopted a brown Cockapoo named Charlie Brown.  Did you know a puppy will sleep for fourteen hours every day?  Wow, that’s a lot of napping!  Puppies need a lot of care.  They need food, water, and shelter.  It is important to train your puppy.  Charlie Brown went to puppy kindergarten and was awarded a good manners certificate.  He knows how to sit, lie down, stay, come, leave it, and heal, which means they can walk by your left side with or without a leash.  Charlie loves going to school and getting to know other puppies.  He will soon be taking an agility class!  He can already jump through a hula hoop.  I hope one day Charlie will be certified as a “Tail Wagging Tutor,” so that he can come into classrooms and be read to.  Charlie loves children and books!  He especially loves your book Dogs.  Thank you for constantly inspiring and educating others with your terrific books.  I look forward to speaking with you on Thursday!   
                                          Miss Schoepflin, Catskill Elementary School

Posted by Miss Schoepflin  on  06/03  at  06:32 PM

Thanks Miss schoepflin for writing about Charlie! Your students are lucky to have such an involved teacher!

Posted by Seymour Simon  on  06/04  at  11:52 AM

hay seymour simon im glad i am goin to see u on friday at ps90 from morn to after!!!!! LOL


Posted by willbert  on  06/04  at  02:45 PM

I think your books are awesome! I am in catskill elementary school. Your a great author!


lily f.
new york

Posted by lily  on  06/04  at  06:40 PM

  My name is Alexandra. I don’t want a dog because I already have three dogs. I wanted to write about my dogs any way . Maxie,Axle and Lola. 

  Maxie is the oldest dog. My Dad got Maxie from the dog pond when he was 19 . Maxie is 15 year’s old . Maxie is deaf and a little blind. But she is very smart because she knows hand signals.She is very gentle and soft.

  Axle is the second oldest. He is 8 years old. He is fury and soft also .He likes to hang out side. Once he chased a bear around the yard and up a tree .

And last but not least Lola. Lola is 1 year old.And full of energy.Lola is a American bulldog .She is 70 puds of muscle.Lola chews all our toys to pieces. But she is a good dog and still a puppy.

upstate NY

Posted by alexandra  on  06/05  at  09:24 PM

I want a dog or any pet but my parents always say no way!

New York

Posted by Subaita  on  06/08  at  05:15 PM

I really want a pet but my parents say no!!!

New York

Posted by Subaita  on  06/08  at  05:17 PM

This is a great book and with great pica too


Posted by gaby  on  07/03  at  05:35 AM

I,ve always wanted to get a dog but my parents always say no! but one time they said yes!

Posted by Emma  on  07/15  at  08:41 PM

hi grin mr.simon!  i love your book animals nobody loves! i want a dog but my parents always sat no’‘!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            from,                                                        lily wink

Posted by lily  on  07/29  at  01:17 PM

I agree that it’s a big responsiblity to take of a dog. You have to buy the food and the bowls and everything. I know that because I have a german shepard and the food cost a lot of money. When you were younger did you have a dog?


Posted by Sarah  on  10/11  at  01:13 PM
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