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I made a poster of Promise Island.  It is on my wiki if you want to see it.  I didn’t know how to email it to you.

I promise to recycle with my dad.  I promise to not run the water when I brush my teeth.  And I promise to sleep my computer when I am not using it to save electricity.  Thank you.

Will B.

Posted by Will B.  on  04/12  at  02:47 PM

As a class we are going to try to reduce, reuse, and recycle our food. We will plan what we are going to eat so that we don’t waste food. We will try to eat our left over food before we make more food. We will also talk to our school, families and friends to educate them about composting. Finally, we will make posters to help inspire other people in our school to reduce, reuse and recycle food.

Middle Gate School
3rd Grade (Thursday) Library Class

Posted by Ms. Mauro  on  04/12  at  04:50 PM
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