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My word is venom.

Venom is a poison that can hurt somebody.

My word is awesome because it comes from a cool animal.

If you get bit by a snake all of the venom will go inside of you and you will get hurt.

Verquan 5th grade Mrs. Miley Fallsington

Posted by Verquan  on  01/10  at  03:43 PM

Shadow: A cool dark shape of your reflection.

Shadow is an awesome word because it’s your reflection. It’s another you.

Look at my shadow when I walk though a field on a sunny day.

Amber   5th grade   Mrs.Miley   Fallsington Elementary school.

Posted by Amber  on  01/10  at  03:45 PM

Dam is to block water or a object.

Dams are awesome because they make sure the water from the river doesn’t hit the city.

People build dams to block water.

Pavan Mrs.Miley Fallsington Elementary

Posted by Pavan  on  01/10  at  03:46 PM

Acid Rain- a type of rain that comes falling from the sky.

Acid rain is an awesome word because it is a dangerous type of rain.

Acid raid can damage a lot of things.

Theresa Mrs. Miley Fallsington elementary

Posted by Theresa  on  01/10  at  03:48 PM

My word is rabies.

Rabies is an awesome word because it is a type of disease for wild animals all around the world.

I walked into a forest and I saw a animal the animal walked up to me and it had foam coming out of its mouth! Right away I knew it has rabies

5th grade Mrs.Miley Fallsington Elementary School

Posted by Zach  on  01/10  at  04:29 PM

My favorite science word is Halley’s Comet.

It is an awesome word because you can only see it 65-75 years. That’s only one time you can see it in your whole lifetime.

Halley’s Comet is a special comet and it’s beautiful to see it when it’s night time.

Fallsington Elementary School Mrs. Miley

Posted by Damian  on  01/10  at  04:32 PM

My word is rain

Rain is water that comes from the clouds and falls from the sky

Rain is awesome because you can feel and taste it

I played my soccer game in the rain and I felt the raindrops on my back

5th grade Mrs.Miley Fallsington Elemantary

Posted by Raul  on  01/10  at  04:35 PM

My awesome word is “Oxygen”

Definition in my own words: Oxygen is a gas.  It is colorless, tastlelss, and has no smell. Twenty percent of the earth’s atmoshphere is oxygen.

My word is awesome because it helps you and you use it to breath air which is also know as oxygen.

Sentence:  Oxygen can help you breath. Oxygen comes from trees, so if there were no trees you would not be able to breath.

Oxford Valley/Mrs.Raven

Posted by Haylee  on  01/10  at  06:30 PM

I chose the word lava.
                                                    I chose it because I think lava looks really cool and it gives off a bright glow.
The lava shone as the giant bubble built up and popped, making the lava sway around.

Posted by Julia  on  01/10  at  06:34 PM

I picked the word atom.

The definition for an atom is: the smallest part of anything. They are made of even smaller particles called neutrons, protons, and electrons. They make up everything in the universe.

I picked this word because without atoms nothing would exist.

Atoms make up everything in the universe.

5th grade Mr. Robbins Oxford Valley Elementary

by Jacob S.

Posted by Jacob  on  01/10  at  06:35 PM

My word is eclipse                                                     Eclipse is when the moon goes down and the sun comes up.                                                          I think the word eclipse is awesome because I think it looks really pretty!!                                                    When I was walking i saw the eclipse.                              4th Grade Penn Valley Ms.Kochersperger

Posted by Erin  on  01/10  at  08:06 PM

shadow - a shadow is something you see when you stand in a light or the suns light its technically your reflection.

  I can see my shadow when im standing on the playground feild .

I like that word because its fun to say and everyone has a shadow .

Kayla Ms. Kochersperger Penn Valley

Posted by Kayla  on  01/10  at  09:04 PM

Radicle: The radicle is first out of the seed and goes down into the ground to get water for the seed.

I think it’s awesome because without the radicle, the plant would not get water and grow.

It is radical how the radicle sucks water to give to the plant to start the growth process.

Posted by Meredith  on  01/10  at  09:57 PM

My AWESOME science word is tactile.

It means to feel something.

My word is awesome because you use your sense of touch every day.

The rubber basketball was very tactilely appealing.

Nathaniel, Village Park, Mr. Hadalski

Posted by Nathaniel  on  01/10  at  10:21 PM

Caldera ~ A large volcanic crater.
I think my word is awesome because it means ” cooking pot” in Latin from the word CALDARIA,

5th Grade. Mrs.DeSpirito.  Penn Valley.

Posted by Madigan  on  01/10  at  11:48 PM

My word is radar

Radar is a device that helps give off radio signals.                                                                                                 
Radar is a awesome word because
I always love listening to the radio about how alien radar signals are recorded.

Fallsington Elementary Robert Ms.Miley

Posted by Robert  on  01/11  at  03:43 PM

My word is lake.

My description of the word lake is a body of water that is surrounded by land.

The reason I picked this word is because it is a natural place were animals and humans can relax, also because lakes are some animal’s habitats. 

I love to go to the park and watch different animals on the lake.

Fallsington Elementry School

Posted by Deanna  on  01/11  at  03:43 PM

My word is Pain.

I picked this word because it happens often to a lot of humans and it is easy to write about, because i’ve been in it a lot.

I fell and broke my arm, i was in pain.

Fallsington Elementary School
Mrs. Miley

Posted by Leanna  on  01/11  at  03:46 PM

My awesome science word is savanna:  In my own words i would say the definition is that savanna is a tropical or subtropical grassland found on these two states, South America and Africa.    This word is awesome because i love savannas so much!    Here is a sentence using the word savanna. I hope one day i can visit a tropical savanna in South America.

Posted by Sude  on  01/11  at  06:07 PM

my word is universe. the universe holds many galaxies. the universe is ls awesome because it is huge.

Amerigo 4th Ms.Kockersperger Penn Valley

Posted by Amerigo  on  01/11  at  06:14 PM

sandstorm, A storm that has sand and causes damage.I like this word beacause I love storms.The sandstorm hit us for 90 seconds.
4th Grade Penn Valley Ms.Kochersperger

Posted by Hunter  on  01/11  at  06:20 PM

My since word is zerogravity i think my word is asome because i love space and im into space

In space it has zerogravity

1. no gravity

I like this word because i like space and gravity

Posted by jen w.  on  01/11  at  06:22 PM

My awesome science word is fantastic.  in my own words I would say fantastic means something good.  This word is awesome to me because it is fun to say.

Posted by Jared  on  01/11  at  06:22 PM

My word is ballistics
Ballistics means weapons.
My word is awsome because it is basd on army.
MY uncle told me about ballistics.
4th Grade Penn Valley Ms.Kochersperger

Posted by kayani  on  01/11  at  06:23 PM

My AWESOME science word is rainbow.

A rainbow is a colorful curve in the sky.

A rainbow is awesome because it is beautiful and has so many colors.

In the sky I see a rainbow that has lots of colors.

Rachel, 2nd grade Village Park, Mrs. Jacoby

Posted by Rachel  on  01/11  at  07:16 PM
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