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It’s a warm sunny autumn day in Long Island, New York.  An adult red fox is seen basking in the hot New York sun.  First it looks up and sniffs the air.  Then it curls up and lies down.  The rocks feel slick and smooth as the red fox lies on the bumpy rocks.

Christopher - Cider Mill - McCusker

Posted by Christopher - Cider Mill - McCusker  on  09/18  at  04:27 PM

hi iam Eli I go to cider mill school and I am in mrs mccuster’s class.

Posted by eli  on  09/18  at  04:55 PM

I imagine that the fox is basking in the warm sun to stay hot on a chilly autumn day like today.I am imaginig the fox grooming itself and starting to get tired in the cold, and start to drift of into a deep sleep. Then the fox will start to wake up, messily shake off the dirt the way a dog would from water and trot away far into the deep dark woods.

        : }

Posted by Aidan  on  09/18  at  06:43 PM

mad  the sleek, sly soft orange fox stared into the cold autumn breeze waiting, hoping for a midday snack to come. the leaves howled and the grass shivered. the rocky surface beneath him stung like ice with a layer of frost. The sun glimmered as if in need of a coat. hmmm

CiderMill mrs Bosch

Posted by ben  on  09/18  at  07:49 PM

Its an autumn day and i see a tired lonely red fox in the forest. The red fox is hearing the other animals around him. the hungry red fox is eating the green grass. He is feeling the sharp rocks that he is laying on. he is using his sense of smell to find his pray.

Fiona-Cider Mill-Mrs.Staub:0
CT:) : ) smile : ) smile

Posted by Fiona  on  09/18  at  07:55 PM

What I imagine is that that the fox was just sitting in this refreshing autumn breeze and thinking about how nice this sunny day is. It was just chilling on those rocks thinking, my friends really have to try this,they sure are missing out. What I saw was a cool red fox laying down on the little pebbles, with its big fluffy tail flapping in the wind. It’s giant ears were probably picking up every little sound around him/her. I the face was so pointy, it could probably be used as a butchers knife.

My name is Chris and I am in Mrs.Bosch’s class at cider mill school.

Posted by Chris  on  09/18  at  08:19 PM

The wind is blowing. It is a cool autumn day as a red fox lies on a bed of rocks, soaking up the sunshine. The fox seems so majestic as he blends in with the autumn leaves. He pampers himself and treats himself to a long nap. When the fox wakes up, he shakes all the dirt off his fur and trots back into the woods.

Cider Mill-Staub

Posted by Parker-Cider Mill-Staub  on  09/18  at  08:48 PM

The orange and red fox sits lazily on the rocky ground, As the wind blows gently on its silky fur. He looks up to see birds fluttering their wings looking for a worm. The fox gently lays back down. He is sunbathing. Ahhhhhhh he thinks this is nice. After some time he gets back up and trots to another nice spot with some food.

Pearson, Cider Mill School, Mrs. Bosch Cannondale House

Posted by Pearson S  on  09/19  at  03:55 PM

A red-orange fox basking in the warm autumn sun. Is that a bird I smell, thought the sleek red fox. I love autumn, thought the fox. The warm sun on my back. The wind in my fur. The leaves falling. Trees rustling in the wind.  smile

Drew - Cider Mill Ms. McCusker

Posted by Drew - Cider Mill Ms. McCusker  on  09/19  at  04:07 PM

In the deep,murky dark woods, There lived a silent,sneaky and sly bright red coated fox who was pondering towards the autumn breeze. At first, he got tired of wandering around so he decided to relax and sit. Next, he got very itchy so he scratched his thick wool fur. Then, He got very tired and he dozed of into a soothing nap. Finally, he opened his sleepy eyes and leaped back to his home.

  Michael B. in Mrs.Froehlich’s class :D

Posted by Michael  on  09/19  at  04:12 PM

I am imagining a red fox roaming around sunning itself in my frount yard in the first cool Autumn day looking for a place to rest.Finally he finds a nice warm bed of rocks.The fox layes down but befor its gets comfy it has some things to do like gromming his coat and tail,scrach that evil itch,yawn now the fox is tiered so he puts his head down and falles asleep.The fox slept for over 2 hours.When the fox wakes up he shakes himself off and now its time to go.
  Cider Mill

Posted by Riley  on  09/19  at  04:16 PM

I see a beautiful copper fox basking in the bright yellow sun. He is suspiciously searching for his prey. I wonder if he will jump up when he sees his prey come, or if he will stay there patiently.


Posted by natalie  on  09/19  at  04:20 PM

smile It is a wonderful fall morning. The air is crisp and fresh. A fox is lying on a bed of rocks it gets up spins around and leaves leaving several crimson hairs behind. smile smile


Posted by Ayla  on  09/19  at  04:23 PM

As I gaze out my window, I see a lonely fox licking his autumn-colored fur. He stretches his hind legs and slowly lowers himself to the ground. He stifles a yawn, and shuts his eyes as he starts to bask in the warm autumn sun. He lies there, and I continue to watch him. After a while, he opens eyes and stretches again. Then, he trots off back into the shadowed depths of his kingdom.

Mrs. Froehlich, 5th grade

Posted by Mikey  on  09/19  at  04:36 PM

The red fox feels the cool breeze and the warm sun on this crisp autumn day. Sitting on hard cool rock with a grassy background. He listens to the bugs with there buggy noises as they crawl around the ground. The light bounces off his red fur and the bright color bounces back to your eyes. Its great to look at such a magnificent animal.    smile

Cider Mill Staub

Posted by Meredith  on  09/19  at  04:37 PM

I imagine that the fox is looking around in the sunny weather.  He’s trying to find mice.  The fox is laying down and relaxing.  The orange fox is in the woods of Connecticut.

Cider Mill - Mrs.McCusker

Posted by Matthew  on  09/19  at  04:43 PM

A red fox sits in a bed of pebbles soaking up the sun of an autumn day.  Its red fur shines as it basks.  It looks at the animals around it with big brown eyes and listens to them with pointy ears.

David CT

Posted by David  on  09/19  at  05:11 PM

The red fox is sitting on smooth and jagged rocks. Its reddish fur is shining in the sunlight, and is blowing in the warm breeze. Its big brownish eyes look like they are staring right at me. Its little black nose is sniffing the air for any predators or prey. Suddenly it jumps up on its little black paws and scurries away.  smile

Audrey-Cider Mill-Staub

Posted by Audrey-Cider Mill-Staub  on  09/19  at  05:14 PM

I can see the sun colored fox laying on rocks that have been heated up by the bright sun. The fox is sun bathing, but also pretending to be asleep for a possible mid afternoon snack. It is a bright and beautiful autumn day in late October and the fox is startled by the rustling of some leaves, but it is only nothing. So, the fox settles down in a nice warm and cozy comfy spot and drifts off to sleep like he’s sitting on a cloud. Nothing could wake me up now, he thought, but not long after that, a quiet little bunny makes his way toward the fox. Though that bunny was as silent as a mouse, the fox jumped up in surprise, but saw nothing. The fox was most defiantly positively sure he heard something, but as he trudged off into the woods,he thought, it was probably just the howling of the wind. The fox gingerly laid down next a murky swamp, not minding the smell at all thinking, it was the wind, probably just the wind.

    Kayla smile :0
    Cider Mill

Posted by Kayla  on  09/19  at  05:16 PM

I see a fox laying in the rocky tall green grass laying in the strong bright sun. In Seymour Simons front yard of his house.The fox looks calm in the tall bushy grass.


Posted by Jack  on  09/19  at  05:58 PM

this photo is awesome,I bet the fox is thinking about his prey, but doing other things to like grooming his tail in the autumn air. Just love the photo in general. smile

christian s

Posted by Christian  on  09/19  at  06:03 PM

I see a red fox waiting for his prey on a beautiful autumn day. The sunny day is warm on the rocks. “Buzz” the fox is trying to shoo the fly away. After he grooms his lovely tail, he scratches his back and walks away.

Alexandra Cider Mill McCusker

Posted by Alexandra Cider Mill McCusker  on  09/19  at  06:06 PM

This is a awesome photo. I think the fox is thinking about his prey, but grooming his tail as well. smile


Posted by Christian  on  09/19  at  06:08 PM

September leaves fall on this baby fox as he bathes in September sun. He is looking curiously for any sign of life what so ever. Wind blows on him furiously but don’t worry his thick copper fur can finally be useful after a long hot summer. Leaves and rocks crunch every few minutes as this courageous fox looks for prey. Maybe it is lunch time. Any one seen any petite animals.Some people think wolfs are big and bad but inside they have a warm heart.

Lily Mrs. Froehlich Kent
smile smile smile

Posted by Lily  on  09/19  at  06:53 PM

It was a very warm autumn day and a red fox with orange eyes was sitting on some gray rocks. The fox was curled up in a ball sunning itself. The birds were chirping and the fox was curious to figure out why they were chirping. Suddenly, out came a black squirrel. The fox got up and ran at an unimaginable speed to get the squirrel. Luckily the squirrel climbed up a tree before the fox got to him. So the fox sat on the rocks again and continued sunning himself. :D

Cider Mill
Mrs. McCusker

Posted by FinnB  on  09/19  at  06:55 PM
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