Alana G
Environmental Reporter

I am 10 years old and a soon to be 5th grader. I have started a group called “KIDS TODAY FOR A BETTER TOMORROW.” My friends from the group and I are going out to do projects that will help our environment.  We want to do our part to help save our Earth. You can join our group on Facebook - search for “Alanas Crusade”.

When I am not out saving the earth I am usually doing other fun stuff. I like video games but I don’t like to play them too much because it isn’t good for you. I like to play soccer, ride bicycles, play tetherball, go swimming and jump rope.  I also love to go camping and hiking in the great outdoors but no matter where I am at, I love to sing. Singing makes me happy. My favorite animal is a Turtle. All types of turtles, but my very favorite is a Sea Turtle, my second favorite is the Fennec Fox (they are endangered.)

My favorite sports teams are the Los Angeles Lakers, the Dodgers and the San Diego Chargers. My favorite colors are red and blue.  As I mentioned I love to sing. I also love to dance. I have been dancing since I was three. I also go out and sing at restaurants and coffee shops with my music school for fun. I love music. No matter what I’m doing I always hear music even if others don’t. I love all types of music. My favorite pop singer is Justin Bieber. I also like School Gyrlz, Black Eyed Peas and David Archuleta and many more.


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