July 16, 2010

When Seymour met 10-year-old Alana G. at the beginning of June, she was a fourth grade student who had written to say how upset she was about the Deepwater Horizon oil spill and its effect on wildlife, particularly the sea turtles, in the Gulf. Seymour told her that he was upset, too, and suggested that she do everything she can in her own community to raise awareness about environmental issues so that things like this don’t happen in the future.

Think environmentally all your life, no matter what you decide to do as an adult. Talk about it to your friends. Read about it in books and on the web. Remain committed to the idea that it’s OUR planet and we need to protect it from being abused.

Alana took these words to heart, and as you know, she is now writing for the Seymour Science blog about what she and her friends - they call themselves KIDS TODAY FOR A BETTER TOMORROW (KTFBT) - are doing in their community to make a difference. Regular readers know that the KTFBT have already volunteered on a sustainable farm and they also decorated an environmentally themed float for their community’s July 4th parade. Alana has set up a Facebook page and a blog to communicate with her fellow environmental activists, and went and spoke in front of her City Council and asked for their support. Now we learn that she has also secured a weekly segment called "Alana’s Corner" on a local radio show called "Three Guys Rant"!

In this week’s segment, Alana spoke about Recycling, telling the "3 guys" everything she knows about what can and cannot be recycled. She will be on every week this summer, raising awareness for her cause.

If you would like to hear Alana G. on the radio, click on this link. Scroll down the list until you find "Three Guys Rant 07-14-10.mp3"

Right click (or on a Mac, Control+click) on the link and choose "Save Link As." Save it to your desktop, and now you will have a file that you can open with iTunes, or whatever program you use to listen to mp3s. Alana’s segment runs from 16:40 - 24:20.

We are so proud of everything she is doing. As Alana often reminds us, although they are "just kids," it is their planet, too!





Posted by: Alana G

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