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We both are going to:

1. Pick up trash around our school and community

2. We will not waste paper

3. We are going to do recycling every Tuesday and Thursday (our recycle days in our school)

4. Make a difference by spreading the word to recycle

5. Help replant our school garden:)

Posted by Jamie/Rena  on  04/20  at  01:00 PM

my earth day promise is to never cut a tree.

Posted by zak j  on  04/20  at  03:29 PM

On earth day 2012 I will plant new trees and flowers. I will also clean up litter and recycle paper, plastic and glass. i will also reuse things instead of throwing them away. If everyone does this the world would be a better place.

Posted by Grant R  on  04/20  at  03:30 PM

My Earth Day promise is to plant trees.I will plant trees so the earth will be a better place.

Jordanm T
James Fallon Mrs Maggio

Posted by Jordanm T  on  04/20  at  03:33 PM

My earth day promises are to recycle for ever.Even when i might be old.

James fallon school mrs magio

Posted by Rosev  on  04/20  at  03:34 PM

My earth day promise is i will not litter and i will recycle.

Alexis C.
James Fallon Mrs Maggio

Posted by Alexis C  on  04/20  at  03:35 PM

My earth day promise for 2012 is…... to recycle and keep the earth clean. I will keep my promise and care for the earth.

Rachel B.
James Fallon Mrs Maggios class

Posted by Rachel B  on  04/20  at  03:35 PM

My Earth Day promis is to pick up all the trash I see on the ground andtry to get rid of land fills. I will do my best to make the world a better place.that is my earht day promis.

Hazel .H
James Fallon School Mrs.Maggio’s class

Posted by Hazel .H  on  04/20  at  03:38 PM

my earth day promise is to plant a tree.

Williamsburg, VA

Posted by Justin  on  04/20  at  03:45 PM

my earthday plan is to recycle more

Williamsburg, VA

Posted by chris  on  04/20  at  03:46 PM

My earth day promise is to use my rain barrels more! smile

Williamsburg, VA

Posted by Sofia  on  04/20  at  03:49 PM

My earth day promise is to try to pack my lunch with less plastic bags! smile

Williamsburg, VA

Posted by Gracie  on  04/20  at  03:51 PM

My Earth day promise is that i will try to ride my bike to school…

Williamsburg, VA

Posted by diamond  on  04/20  at  03:54 PM

MY Earth day promise is to use less water bottles and use reuseable bottles: )

Aaron A
Williamsburg, VA

Posted by Aaron A  on  04/20  at  03:58 PM

We can reuse old junk, and turn it into new thngs.

Benino D
James Fallon School- Mrs. Maggio’s class

Posted by Benino D  on  04/20  at  04:00 PM

My Earth day promise is to use cars as less as I can and ride my bike more (a lot more):)

Zach Y
Williamsburg, VA

Posted by Zach Y  on  04/20  at  04:01 PM

I promise to reuse objects rhat I dont need.I will resycal other things when I am done with them.

James Fallon School -Mrs. Maggio

Posted by cassidy  on  04/20  at  04:04 PM

This Earth Day I promise to reuse paper,and recycle plastic bottles.

Ryan A.
James Fallon School
Mrs.Maggio’s class

Posted by Ryan A.  on  04/20  at  04:08 PM

Hi Mr.seymoursimon i would like to tell to my two promises for earth day. I will not use plasstic bags when i go shoping or walking my dog i will use a recuse able bag. My secand promise is not to waste papper because if we do we waste tress and if there is no tress it will be blue not bright

James Fallon School
Mrs Maggoies class

Posted by Grace.s  on  04/20  at  04:09 PM

I promiss to have a garage sale to sell my toys. Not throw them away and i also promiss to reduce reuse and recycle and not throw them away. When I go shopping I will use reuseable bags and not plastic. grin

Alexa A.
James Fallon School
Mrs.Maggios Library Class

Posted by Alexa A.  on  04/20  at  04:09 PM

My Earth Day promise to reuse old objects and recycle more.

Robert B.
James Fallon School-Mrs. Maggio’s class

Posted by Robert B.  on  04/20  at  04:09 PM

I will reuse the things that I used such as water bottles. I will recycle more too!

James Fallon School-Mrs.Maggios class

Posted by cassidy  on  04/20  at  04:09 PM

Hi Seymour Simon,
    For my promise i would conserve all the energy i can. When nobody is in a room that has lights on i would shut them off. If there is a T.V on I would shut it off.

Nicole P.
James Fallon School- Mrs.Maggio’s Class

Posted by Nicole P.  on  04/20  at  04:10 PM

My earth day promise is to recycle, use less power, and plant some plants!

Luke L.
James fallon school
mrs.maggo’s class

Posted by Luke L  on  04/20  at  04:10 PM

I promise to always use reuseable bags.

Daniel K.
James Fallon School- Mrs. Maggio’s class

Posted by Daniel K.  on  04/20  at  04:10 PM
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