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Hi Seymour Simon!!
It’s me Emma again! I wanted to telll you i’m a huge fan of poetry, and I hope you will be talking about poetry in your visit to Churchville later this February. My favorite poet is the one who wrote A Light In The Attic. I love those peices of poetry! (The funny one’s were hilarious!) What is your favorite poet?
Write to Seymour Simon and tell EVERYONE!!!!

Posted by Emma  on  02/09  at  08:05 PM

Hi, Emma. I’m so glad to hear you love poetry. The poet you’re thinking of is Shel Silverstein, and I agree with you that his poems and the drawings that go with them are wonderful and funny.

One of my favorite poets is Robert Frost, because I love the way that he wrote about nature. His poem “Fire and Ice” actually gave me the idea for doing two of my books, VOLCANOES and ICEBERGS AND GLACIERS.

Thanks for writing.
Seymour Simon

Posted by Seymour Simon  on  02/09  at  08:27 PM

I like the poetry by Shel Silverstein. I have good ideas for poetry about snow, just too many to list. wink

Posted by Marissa  on  11/07  at  11:54 PM
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