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Hard Work

    I’m writing this because I believe in hard work. Hard work is really important! Do you want to know why? Well, I think it’s important because it pays off! Thank you for reading my writing. Remember, hard work always pays off! For example, my football team was about to lose our football game and I started to give up, but I told mmy team the game isn’t over until the whistle and about 2 minutes we were tied! I got handed the ball and I made a touchdown!! We won!! You got an example now go make this your life!!

Posted by Daris  on  02/15  at  12:59 PM

The importance of not giving up is you will get more done and prove yourself to others. I have been in a situation that called fir not giving up. The day I had to clean my parents room. They asked me to clean there room for fifty dollars. I thought I couldn’t do it at first but I didn’t give up and got the fifty dollars.

Posted by Drake  on  02/15  at  01:01 PM

Giving up is not always the best choice.You never know what can happen if you don’t give up.I have thought about giving up my favrite sport baseball but,I did’t and now I love baseball.I have a state baseball trophy and a lot of other trophies.  That’s my example of not giving up.

Posted by jager  on  02/16  at  12:51 PM

It is important to not give up. If you give up you are not doing your best.When you do your best it makes you look good.Not only does it make you look good it also makes your teachers and parents look good.

Even though not giving up involves work in the end it is worth it.One time I had a very hard math assignment that had about 50 hard math problems.At first I said that I couldn’t do it. I knew that if I didn’t do the work I would get a bad grade.So, I decide to not give up and do the work.In the end I gat a good grade for not giving up.I got an A in the end.That proves the you can succeed if you don’t give up.In the end It all works out in the end.Don’t ever give up.

Posted by Kallie  on  02/16  at  12:51 PM

Hard work is very important in our everyday lives.It gives people the courage to follow thier hearts and what they believe in.Failing does not mean its over.Set a goal for your future.You can do anything if you believe.Dont give up your future because of whats been done in the past.Saying you cant cuts the rope.What you do now is what you’ll grow up to be.So keep going.

Posted by Corissa  on  02/16  at  12:52 PM

I was about to give up on winning a soccer game.It was the last inning and I was on the bench.The goaly got hit in the face.So I was picked as back-up.I won the game.So that is why not giving up is important.You can do something by not giving up.

Posted by sarah  on  02/16  at  12:54 PM

Hard work rules!

Posted by Annie  on  02/21  at  11:44 AM
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