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Dear Seymour Simon,
I am really looking forward to when you come to Greenfield Elementary School. I love your books, definitely your book Universe. I am so interested in our Universe. I love that picture of the frozen ball. Are you making a new book now? please write back!!! wink

Posted by chloe c.  on  01/15  at  09:25 PM

Dear Chloe,

I was interested in the Universe when I was your age, and I still am. We will talk a lot about the universe when I speak at your school tomorrow. I hope you enjoy it!

Seymour Simon

Posted by Seymour Simon  on  01/15  at  10:19 PM

I thought the vocabulary in the passage was very intriguing and informational.


Posted by Jenna  on  02/26  at  04:49 PM

Dear Seymour,
the pages you showed it has some very stong vocabulary. It makes you feel like you are there watching him take the pictures. When it says “where a soft pink light begins to tinge the sky” really lets you picture how the sun is rising slowly and helps you remember what it looks like when the sun is rising.


Posted by Brynley  on  02/26  at  04:49 PM

I think it was interesting because of her description.  snake


Posted by Felix  on  02/26  at  04:49 PM

I like how the person said, “He sees a speck, It became larger”. I like how the person wrote this sentence because it makes people think, “What is it”, and “Is it a bird”. Also I like how the person says, “you must be a bird to think like one”. smile


Posted by Tony  on  02/26  at  04:49 PM

Dear, Seymour simon
  I liked the Eagle paragraph.  I loved the description about the eagle and the way she used the very descripted words. grin Also, I liked that the author used the main character to show how important the eagle really was. excaim finally I loved the title the author choose it got to the point quick and easy.  I thought that was cool excaim  cool smile  grin


Posted by luke  on  02/26  at  04:49 PM

Testing the system


Posted by Mark  on  04/24  at  05:33 PM

Dear Seymour simon, 
    I thought you made a awesome book and the pictures were cool.  You used great describing word when you explained the Bind.  I thought eagles were bold creatures but I guess their shy.  Thank you for a awesome book.! 

tongue wink


Posted by Allison  on  04/25  at  10:57 AM

the author describes how the eagle looks up and will defend for it’s food and how it teared through the fur with it’s talons and beak.  I also like how he compared the window to a tv and said it was a channel you couldn’t change.

Posted by zach  on  04/25  at  11:01 AM

The way that there is a lot of movement like how the eagle’s wings is like an airplane until it descends. And then every thing is still when it lands.


Posted by Mirjana  on  04/25  at  11:02 AM

I think its big talons appear like blade star because its kind of telling you how they swoop down and get their food for something to eat.  and the other one is where a soft pink light begins to tinge the sky because it tells you that its coming to night and how he’s been out there so long just waiting for a eagle.  smile

Posted by ryan  on  04/25  at  11:03 AM

I like how it said the light pink tinge their was a black spot in the sky then it got bigger then he saw the eagle get out his talons before landing.  Now that is some powerful language to describe what he was looking at what was happening.


Posted by luke  on  04/25  at  11:03 AM

The soft light starts to tinge the sky.  The night melts into Dawn were powerful language to me because I never get to here stuff like that.  You will have to make a little inference on that because the night just cant melt into dawn.


Posted by Alexander  on  04/25  at  11:03 AM

I think some powerful words are canceling and intriguing smile


Posted by Baylee  on  04/25  at  11:03 AM

The description about the eagles was great. Also describing how they came into view as you were about to photograph. Comparing how you spend as much time outdoors than people watch television, and that you can’t change the channel or scene. smile

Posted by Noah  on  04/25  at  11:03 AM

I think that a powerful sentence is when he says “Jack must come quietly, under the camouflage of the night.  Because he is like explaining how he is camouflaged.  I also think it was powerful when he said “To hope for an eagle, you have to learn to think like an eagle.”


Posted by Eryk  on  04/25  at  11:03 AM

I think where he says the night melts into dawn then out of the east where a soft pink light becomes to tinge the sky is powerful words.  the flittering movements these birds will screen the movements. cool smile

Posted by wyatt  on  04/25  at  11:05 AM

It caught my attention when the author said “where a soft pink light begins to tinge the sky” It really helped me picture the sky.  Also, When the author said “The talons extend and appear like splayed stars as the wings scoop the air in front of them.” I could picture it so well that It was almost like I was watching a movie in my head.  The authors choice of words were very powerful.


Posted by Sophia  on  04/25  at  11:05 AM

The description of the eagles was informational because of how much you were outdoors and how much time you spent with eagles


Posted by Colten  on  04/25  at  11:05 AM

it says that eagles are shy and weary and he must be very quite putting food in the bucket he crawls into his tent he wakes up in the middle of the night and he sees a speck he’s being waiting all night for this it gets closer and closer

Posted by Daven  on  04/25  at  11:08 AM

I think the 2 most powerful words the author used were flittering and concealing. wink


Posted by Braydyn  on  04/25  at  11:08 AM

I think the the two most powerful words the author used was when he said scene and action. Scene because it describes where he is and action because that’s what’s going on around him.

Posted by Logged Out User  on  04/25  at  11:08 AM

Some powerful language was when it said “flittering movement,” and “firing button.”  I think it’s powerful because firing button means to like press it really fast and flittering movement is powerful because it’s really graceful and it’s a good word choice, it means that like birds are flittering in the sky.


Posted by Courtney  on  04/25  at  11:09 AM

Dear, Seymour simon
You have an amazing ability for patience and descriptive language.  I can’t believe that you can wait that long its amazing.  The way you put your excitement into words is amazing.

sincerely, jackson

Posted by jackson  on  04/25  at  11:09 AM
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