April 2, 2014

Yesterday I Skyped with kindergarteners at Van Meter Elementary School in Iowa. They are researching and writing their first reports, about animals. We had a good talk about how to begin a writing project. I asked them each which animal they were researching and to tell me one thing about that animal.

Their teachers, Lynne Caltrider, Christa McClintock, and district librarian/technology specialist Shannon McClintock Miller, are taking advantage of the many Internet resources available not only to teach these young learners how to research a topic, but also how to use EasyBib.com to create accurate citations in their work.

It was fun to share my process with these students. Whether you are five years old or an experienced writer like me, every writing project starts the same way - researching your topic and making an outline. And it finishes up with rewriting…and rewriting….and rewriting again!

We will be back online together in a few weeks, as the students share their finished projects. I look forward to seeing their work.











Photos courtesy of Shannon McClintock Miller 


Posted by: Seymour Simon

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