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Writing About Horses is like writing about History
WILDFIRES: Writing a new NF book for children
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Colors in Nature
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Finishing my Week in Blue Springs, Missouri
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Love the American Goldfinch!
Talking with Students about Cichlids
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A First Research Project
My Cichlid Tank
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Announcing World Read Aloud Day Plans
Cool Photo of the Week: “Chocolate” Frog!
Happy Lunar New Year!
Planning for World Read-Aloud Day
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Good morning, Saratoga!
Cool Photo: Polar Soap Bubbles
Writing Wednesday: Think Like an Eagle
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Cool Photo: A “Burning” Sweater!
Year End Update
My Marine Reef Aquarium
Clean Up!
Writing Wednesday: Fog!
Cool Photo: Baby Moose Rescue!
Cool Photo: Feel the Power!
Cool Photo: Giraffe Hug
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Writing Wednesday: CROC!
Cool Photo: A Beautiful Relationship!
Writing Wednesday: My Dog Nova
The Winners from Altamont Elementary
Announcing the Cider Mill Winners!
Writing Wednesday: Celebrating Your FOX Writing!
Cool Photo: Cheetah Cubs
Surprising and Amazing Venus
Creating Your Own Teacher Guides to My Books
The “Biggest” Bear
Cool Photo: Visit from a Red Fox!
Internet Safety Rules for Kids
CONTEST! Einstein Anderson
Cool Photo: Frog Ambush
Discovery! The Largest Volcano
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Cool Photo: Aurora Borealis
My Reef Aquarium
What Kind of Butterfly is That?
Stave off Summer Reading Loss!
Inspiring Teacher Letter
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A Fun Day at Skano Elementary!
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