February 20, 2014

Do you use our Writing Wednesday story starters with your class? Have heard about it and would like to try? Or wish it was on a different topic so it fit the day’s lesson plan?

You should know that we have a large archive - 60 and counting - of Writing Wednesday prompts. And I try to make them evergreen, so that no matter when they were first posted, they are still usable by teachers and classes interested in the topic. A good Writing Wednesday often starts with an image like this one, which captures students’ interest and stimulates engaged writing. We welcome your comments on how we could make this feature an even more useful tool for your classroom.

All of the children’s writing is reviewed for safety and privacy reasons before it is posted. And we accept comments on any of the Writing Wednesday exercises, even older ones.

Click here to check out the archive, and bookmark it for future reference.  

Posted by: Seymour Simon

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