December 20, 2017

One of the nicest things that happened to me as a writer in the last few years was being given the opportunity to write younger age books with my wife and companion Liz Nealon. Liz has been very connected to youngsters for many years. She was the Creative Director of Sesame Street as well as an award-winning producer of children’s TV shows such as Ghostwriter and The Famous Jett Jackson. She was also very involved with research into reaching children via words and images.

One of the first books we wrote together was COLORS IN NATURE. Instead of just showing colors and teaching children what’s red and what’s orange, the book tries to pick out colors in natural surroundings and uses images for each of the colors mentioned.

So for example, reds would include strawberries and tomatoes; green would include grasses and pine trees.

There were also pages for Rainbow Colors and Black and White. The book is joyful and poetic and is perfect for reading aloud with children. It encourages young readers to actively play along as they look for and call out the wonderful colors that are all around them in nature.

So far, the book is only available in a digital edition. Would you be interested in seeing a printed edition? Jot a note to me on my here or on Twitter or Facebook


Posted by: Seymour Simon

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