January 17, 2014

Congratulations to everyone who entered the My Awesome Science Word contest. There were many good entries—-it was fun to read about what word each of you selected, and why you thought it was interesting. 

As promised, there are two randomly selected winners - one individual student and one K-2 class. Each one of the winners will receive an autographed copy of my SCIENCE DICTIONARY. Check with Mrs. Abad to pick up your prizes next week. 

Here are the winners and what they wrote.

 Mrs. Shambo’s 1st grade class submitted this entry:

Our awesome science word is heart.

Our definition:  The heart pumps blood. The heart is the size of a fist.  

Why it is awesome:  The heart is awesome because it’s part of your body.  It pumps your blood and keeps you alive. 

Using it in a sentence:  The heart is a part of your body that keeps you alive. 

Here’s the winning entry from Paige M. in Mrs. Bobear’s 5th grade class:

My awesome science word is paleontology.

The definition of my word is a scientific study of fossils from dinosaurs when they were alive and the people that study them are called paleontologists.

I think this word is awesome because you can see the where their eyes were and also if you find all of the fossils, you can see the size of that dinosaur.

I want to do paleontology when I am older.

Congratulations to everyone who entered. I loved reading all your writing!

Posted by: Seymour Simon

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