May 31, 2013

Thanks to all the kids at Skano Elementary, their teachers and their librarian, Mrs. Kirby-LeMon, for a very good day together. It was a little hot (90 degrees Fahrenheit and no air conditioning), but I think we all managed to have a good time together! I wanted to share two lovely notes I received this afternoon. First this one, from a fourth grader named Madelyn, who was entering the CORAL REEFS contest. Madelyn wrote:

There are three amazing animals that live in coral reefs. One of the three animals is the black tip reef shark. These animals have a black tip on their top fin. Coral reefs help them in one way. That one way is that they pounce on their prey to dine on them. Another animal is scorpion fish. These fish also hide in the coral reefs. These fish blend in with coral reefs so they can eat their prey. Sea snakes is the third animal. These animals hide from their predators in coral reefs. Well coral reefs are truly amazing creatures of the ocean. Even though Seymour Simon wrote 300 books this is my favorite.

Thank you so much, Madelyn, for saying this nice thing about my new book. I am so glad that you are inspired by it!

And then, I received this note from one of the teachers:

I’m the fan that spoke to you after your book session at Skano Elementary today.  I just wanted to say again how much I love your books and your Meet the Author session.  As I told you I have read, taught from, and shared your books with children from grades 1-5.  I love the photos, the writing, and the scientific information in your books.  My first Seymour Simon book was Whales, and I’ve been a fan ever since! Thank you so much for writing and sharing your wonderful books with teachers, students, and your other readers. 


Pat O’Brien

Clifton Park, NY 

You guys made my day! Thanks so much for making my last school visit of the year very special.

Seymour Simon 



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