January 15, 2014

I enjoyed my visit today at the Caroline Street Elementary School in Saratoga Springs. The kids were great - engaged and inquisitive. 

I came back to my room tonight to find this note:

Dear Seymour Simon,

you visited my school today Caroline Street School and you were amazing i had mo idea i would meet a CELEBRITY author                          

thank you,

             Amira S

Thank YOU, Amira. You made my day.

Dear Seymour Simon, I can’t wait for you to be visiting my school well known as Greenfield elementary school. You are awesome I can’t believe u wrote about 300 books!!! I wonder does your hand get tired?? Well can’t wait to see you next week counting down the days!!

       Your fan, kaitlyn

I am looking forward to coming to Greenfield Elementary later today, Kaitlyn. I hope that you have entered the contest!



Posted by: Seymour Simon

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