December 28, 2013



Our #4 story of the year started with a picture of two owlets.



For a Writing Wednesday earlier this year, I asked readers to look at this photograph of two baby owls and write six adjectives——words to describe the animals in the picture. You can read all the student writing here; I’ve selected a few that used particularly strong description words.

Caroline from Massachusetts wrote:

Sweet, petite, downy, intelligent, quick-witted, welcoming

Jalen, also from Massachusetts, wrote:






Cute birds that you don’t want to harm 

Jonathan didn’t think they looked very happy:


Big eyed





Natalee, from Auburn IN, imagined a scene:

They are both very cute and they look like they just got done eating a pig or something they are sooooooo cute.

Christine used her adjectives in several sentences describing the owlets:

These two baby owls have pointy beaks and feathers, they both have big brown eyes, and there feather colors are gray and black, it seems like you can snuggle with them. One is taller than the other, they have really sharp claws and there vision is really good at night. The one on the left looks more scared than the one on the right. I think if you separated them they wouldn’t live on.

Posted by: Seymour Simon

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