September 26, 2014

I’ve had a great time in the Blue Springs, Missouri elementary schools this week. I’d like to share just a couple of notes that have come in from students.

One thing I talk about when I visit schools is that I wrote and illustrated my first book, Space Monsters, when I was in second grade. That prompted this note from a Kindergarten class:


Dear Mr. Simon-Thank you for visiting our school yesterday and for sharing so much about being an author and a scientist.  We are also writing our first books in our kindergarten class, just like you did when you were little.  We can’t wait to check out your books and eBooks.

We think you are cool! 

Mrs. Jennings’ Kindergarten Class


I also talk with students about the fact that since we are citizens of the Universe, we need to know how to write our entire address. That prompted this note, from two students named Ryleigh and Khloie who are using our StarWalk Kids eBook collection:



Hey, we love your books and pictures. Ryleigh’s favorite book: funny space monster riddles and jokes. Khloie’s favorite book is: earth quake !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE LOVE YOU

Location: USA Earth


Thanks, Blue Springs students. I have enjoyed my week with you, too!

If I haven’t been to your school yet, don’t worry. I will be back the week of October 13!


Posted by: Seymour Simon

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