March 10, 2014

Congratulations to all the students who entered the "My Favorite Seymour Simon Book" contest. We asked you to read my books, decide which one was your favorite, and give examples from the text to support your opinion. We received entries from 145 individual students and 11 first and second grade classes. That is really a LOT of participation from a single school! Good work, Franklin Elementary. We read every one of your entries, and enjoyed the writing very much.

According to the rules of the contest we randomly choose one individual winner in grades 3-5 and one classroom winner from grades 1-2.

The individual winner is Izzy from Mrs. Feeley’s class (5-FE). Izzy wrote:


My favorite Seymour Simon book is OCEANS.

I like the book Oceans because it tells lots of facts about ocean. For example, on page 2 it says "Echo soundings of the ocean floor show mountains more than twice as tall as Mt. Everest and 6 times deep as the grand canyon."


  The classroom winner was Mrs. Shaughnessy’s 1st grade class, whose favorite Seymour Simon book is CORAL REEFS. They wrote: 

Why we like it? We think it is a great book because it taught us many facts we didn’t already know. We liked Seymour Simon’s book because he talked about animals we had never heard of before.

Example: We didn’t know that Sea Stars eat by turning their stomachs inside out through their mouths! First we said, "eww!" and then we said, "cool!" Also, we found out that some fish can turn into a darker color for camouflage at night.

Izzy and Mrs. Shaughnessy’s class will each receive a copy of their favorite book, which I will autograph for them.

Thanks again for all your great writing and very kind words about my books. It meant a great deal to me to read what you all had to say about my writing.


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