February 12, 2009

Contest: Unsung Body Parts

Does the world really need another song about "the heart"? Some body parts are celebrated much more than others in songs. Enough already with the "eyes" don’t you think?! Doesn’t your "spleen" or your "kneecap" deserve a musical tribute? Well, now it’s time to help me create a new collection of songs, poems, raps about less famous, but nevertheless important body parts.

Inspired by my new book The Human Body, I’m starting a rather silly contest! Send in a poem,  audio clip, video file etc of a short song about an "unsung body part."  I’ll post it here, if it tickles my funny bone (hey, there’s an idea for a body part).

The Prize: Winners of the best human body part song get an autographed copy of THE HUMAN BODY.


Posted by: Liz Nealon

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