Liz Nealon
Managing Editor,

Liz Nealon is an award-winning executive producer who played an integral role in shaping indelible youth brands like Sesame Street and MTV. She has served as Worldwide Creative Director of Sesame Street, as well as Executive Producer of numerous successful television series and co-productions, including Knock First, Out There, The Famous Jett Jackson, and the PBS literacy series Ghostwriter. She also led the development of successful children’s websites including the Emmy and Peabody Award winning, the preschool virtual world, and the popular video-sharing site, which is an industry leader in safe social networking for older kids and tweens.

Prior to her work in children’s media, Liz Nealon spent a decade as a writer/producer at the start-up of MTV. She traveled the world as Senior Vice President of International Programming, launching the MTV brand in Europe, Brazil, Japan and Australia. Nealon’s colleagues dubbed her the “keeper of the trademark” due to her ability to adapt and articulate the MTV vision and attitude as it was expressed in diverse cultures and musical environments.

Today, Liz is working as the Publisher and CEO of StarWalk Kids Media (, the streaming eBook collection for Schools, Libraries and Families.


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