February 15, 2012

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We have been experiencing full-blown LIN-SANITY around here, since Seymour Simon is a NY Knicks fan. For those of you that don’t follow basketball, 12 days ago a 23-year-old player named Jeremy Lin came off the Knicks bench to lead the team to six straight wins. Lin has more points in his first five starts (136) than either Michael Jordan or Shaquille O’Neal did when they started playing.

One of the reason everyone is so surprised was that after Jeremy Lin’s great senior year on the Harvard University basketball team, he was not selected in the NBA draft. He was finally picked up by the Golden State Warriors, but spent most of his first season sitting on the bench.

Last year was spent in the NBA’s version of the minor leagues, playing on an NBA Development League team. Although he was not a big star there, he earned a reputation for being "tough around the basket." The New York Knicks decided to give him a try, and he began this season once again sitting on the bench. Jeremy Lin has been sleeping on his brother’s couch, not sure he should sign up for an apartment in NY in case he was going to be cut.

Then, twelve days ago, due to a series of injuries and other problems, the Knicks needed to put him into the game. The rest is Lin-sanity history! Lin’s old teammates at Harvard, by the way, say they are not surprised. The thing they remember most about Jeremy Lin is his extraordinary commitment to hard work.

Your Assignment:

Write one or two paragraphs about the importance of not giving up. You may describe Jeremy Lin’s success, or you might just write about an experience you have had, where deciding not to give up led to a big payoff.

Two simple rules:

1.   Give us the best you’ve got in 5 minutes. That’s right - five minutes of creative writing. Think of it as a word extravaganza to warm up your brain for the rest of the day!

2.   Tell us your first name, the name of your school, and how old you are.

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Posted by: Liz Nealon

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