December 13, 2012

Seymour’s visits to the Pennsbury schools are continuing; he spent yesterday at Makefield Elementary School in Yardley, Pennsylvania.


In preparation for his visit, the Makefield students watched a video about Seymour Simon, read his autobiography, used his books in their art classes and explored nature.

Mrs. Renee Pope, the Makefield Elementary School librarian, told us: "We are a certified green school with a green roof, solar panels, a learning garden (the fruits and vegetables are used in our cafeteria when harvested), and many things inside the school that reduce the use of energy and our carbon footprint. We are building benches from trees cut down for the recent renovation. We had them milled and dried so we can use them to make our benches!!"


Seymour was presented with an amazing book (thicker than your arm!), with a letter to Seymour Simon from every student in the school about what they observed in the school’s Learning Garden. Seymour particularly loved this book because he is always encouraging his readers to get outside, to look, listen, hear, smell and observe the wonderful nature that is all around us. This school is full of SeeMore Explorers!

We don’t have enough room here to share them all, but here are some examples of both the beautiful artwork posted around the school and the excellent writing compiled into this book, THE NATURE OF MAKEFIELD ELEMENTARY SCHOOL.





I saw rocks.                        - Adam, kindergarten


I found a praying mantis.                        - Scarlett, kindergarten



I saw a purple flower.                        - Adrianna, 1st grade


There were bees.                        - Christian, 1st grade


I herd crickets. I smelled flowers. I wish I can play and I want to live hear. It is a fun place. LOVE IT HEAR!! And I love Nature.                        - Nina, 2nd grade


Being outside makes me feel good. I see a butterfly. I smell flowrs. I wish I could smell more things. If I was looking up from the grund to the sky I would see the botum of a flower.                   - Maggie, 2nd grade


I feel on the out side of my body is cool air. I wish we had more flowers. I smel basil and choclit mint. I believe nature is cool.                 - Noah, 2nd grade


I heard birds chirping. Being outside makes me feel free. I saw a yellow watering can. I tasted fresh mint. I wish I had a garden like this one. I never experienced something like this.                        - Avery, 3rd grade


I hear the calm wind and the rustle of the leafs. I see bold pretty flowers. I wish bees grew 20 feet tall and butterfly wings were 30 feet long. Being outside in the garden makes me feel so happy.                         - Christian, 3rd grade


I saw a praying mantis, a butterfly and a bee. It was so fun.            - Jeffrey, 3rd grade


  One day I experienced nature Makefield learning garden. I see pretty flower. I hear bird cheering believe nature.                  - Ashlynne, 3rd grade


I saw a woolly bears that made the garden very love able. There were plants that smelled like mint and felt like mint. There were purple peas that were extraordinary plants you’ll never see. I wish I could grow blue peas or even orange peas and rainbow peas. I smell the nature touching me.            - Darci, 4th grade


I could feel on the outside of my body the damp wet air. Being outside makes me feel relaxed and calm. I could hear a 1st grade playing. I could see our beautiful garden. I smelled a very good smell of flowers. I wish this garden could live through the winter. If I was looking from the sky to the ground I would see our plants, grass, our awesome school and garden. If I was looking from the ground I would see the bright sun and the fluffy white clouds. This is my school’s garden.                        - Mitch, 4th grade


If I was looking from the ground toward the sky I would see big green leave, purple vines, beans, and the holes in the leaves. I smell the sweet smell of flowers, hay barrels, and big brown lumps of mulch. That is what I smelled, saw, heard, and felt on that warm morning. I wish I could stay in the warm air all day!!!                        - Celia, 4th grade



As I looked at some soaring hawks and wondered. They probably saw the beauty of the marigolds and 17 leafed, yellow and pink flowers. I wondered about ants. They probably saw pink flowers and leaves all around them. As I walked in I wished I could stay out all day.                 - Andrew, 4th grade


When I stepped outside I heard the buzzing of bees and the chirp of birds. The wind tugged gently and whispered in my ear. You can smell flowers pollen. When I’m near nature I feel peaceful.                        - Jodi, 4th grade



In the Makefield Learning Garden I see,

A bunch of black and yellow bees


I look around and see most green,


But there are little things that can be seen


I look at the fluttering butterflies,


And imagine what it would look like through fly’s eyes.

             - Emma, 5th grade


Great place to sit and enjoy.


Always bees flying around.


Right under the pergola is a great place to be.


Day light and water helps flowers.


Every day the garden looks beautiful.


Never want to leave this amazing garden.

            - Ben, 5th grade



Hello, my name is Honey Bumble. I was named after my mom, the honey bee. I was born in Makefield’s Learning Garden. I have 9 brothers, my dad and mom in my family. I love it here at Makefield. This garden is amazing. When I wake I see the pretty colorful plants. There are purple beans, yellow flowers with brown middle, and all sorts of wonderful plants. This part of nature is a relaxing place I love to lay on the hay here and listen to the laughing kids playing near the garden. When I fly high up and look down from the sky I see the beautiful pergola that they just built. I love Makefield’s Learning Garden a lot!    - Katie, 5th grade


When I was out there I smelled some unique flower smells and they were snazzy. I taste the warm, moist and calm air. I believe nature is very elegant and peaceful.      - Will, 5th grade


Mint plant

Awesome garden

Kids play in the learning garden

Epic plants and flowers

Flowers that are big, puffy and yellow

I wish we could stay out longer

Every color there is bright

Lots of beautiful flowers and plants

Delightful looking green tomatoes

                    - Nathan, 5th grade


When I was out in the garden I heard a lot of crunching pebbles. I saw all kinds of bugs flying everywhere. The taste of basil was very minty in your mouth. I wish that in the garden there were more snakes. The smell of the new mulch was terrible! I believe that nature is peaceful and nice.


                     - Harry grin, 5th grade 



I feel the wind brushing my face,


It is like it’s running in a race!


This makes me feel happy, bright and strong,


While I watch the children running along!


I love to watch the beautiful flowers swaying in the breeze,


But soon in the winter they will freeze!


Watch the bumble bees flying from flower to flower,


I wonder what they will do during April showers!


I never knew nature bloomed this beautiful,


It’s like you’re watching a natured miracle!


Watching the big white puffy clouds turn into creatures makes me smile,


While I lay watching for a while!


Makefield’s learning garden inspired me to write this poem you see,


Now I wish you can visit it seeing everything I can see!          - Allison, 5th grade






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