February 6, 2013

Good morning, and welcome to Writing Wednesday!

Today, we’re going to compare and contrast two pieces of writing by Seymour Simon. In each of these excerpts he is writing about Earth’s atmosphere, but the way he writes each of them is quite different.

Your Assignment: Read both of the pieces of Seymour Simon writing below, and then write a paragraph or two about how these pieces of writing are alike and how they are different. Some questions you might ask yourself as you read:

  • Who is the audience for each piece of writing?
  • What facts does he include in each piece to describe the atmosphere?
  • What kind of descriptive words does he use in each piece? How are they the same, or different?
  • Is the tone of voice the same or different in each of them? (Try reading each of them aloud to think about this)
  • What photographs did he choose to illustrate each piece of writing? Is one more effective than the other?
  • How about the design of the pages? Do they look similar? Different? In what ways?

If you would like to post your writing for others to see, you can click on the yellow "Comments" link at the bottom of the article. Happy writing!




From EARTH: OUR PLANET IN SPACE. Simon & Schuster, 1984/2003. 

























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