April 15, 2013


Today we are compiling links to the many great Earth Day resources for classes and families here on the Seymour Science blog. We have been celebrating Earth Day here since 2010, and we realize that many of you may not have been reading the blog over all that time. And some of you have told us that you would like to have links to some of our classic Earth Day stories and activities from previous years.

Here are resources and articles from previous years on the Seymour Science blog that you may want to use with your friends, family or class this month, while we celebrate Earth Day 2013:

Earth Day: In the Beginning

Earth Day: In the Future

Quiz: Test Your Green IQ

Your Carbon Footprint Calculator

One Girl’s Earth Day Promise: Conserving Water

Seymour’s Earth Day Pledges

If There’s Global Warming, Why is it So Cold?

What Can I Do?

We also have many “Writing Wednesday” exercises on Earth-related themes. It doesn’t need to be Wednesday if you want to try your hand at writing about these topics!

Writing Wednesday: The Coldest Place on Earth

Writing Wednesday: The Hottest Place on Earth

Writing Wednesday: Compare and Contrast Seymour Simon’s Earth Writing

Writing Wednesday: Sandhill Crane Rescue!

Writing Wednesday: A Spectacular Volcano

Writing Wednesday: Polar Bears and Global Warming

Writing Wednesday: Stone and Water


Posted by: Liz Nealon

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