November 12, 2010

        Rainforest Collage

The kids at Starrett Elementary School in Arlington did wonderful art projects and book displays for my visit this week. Look at this great collage which they made to represent my latest book, TROPICAL RAINFORESTS. It was made with translucent tissue paper and placed in front of a window, where all those rich greens glowed as if we were in a real rainforest! It was very beautiful, and I liked it enormously.

I’d also like to say a special thanks to librarian Nancy Allmon for all the great work you and your colleagues did. 

Nancy and Seymour with 'Welcome' signIt really made for a memorable visit. And of course, we’ll remember all the great weather and Tex Mex food when we’re back in chilly New York.

I will be back in Texas to speak in San Antonio schools the week of December 13, so kids in SA-Town, get ready for a journey to the end of the Universe!

Posted by: Seymour Simon

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