November 30, 2011

Wow! After I spoke at the morning assembly at Craig Elementary School here in Niskayuna, NY, Ms. O’Sullivan’s third graders went back to their classroom and started writing. At the end of the day, they presented me with an envelope full of writing and drawings. These were lovely thank you notes, which I appreciated very much, but they were more than that. Each student wrote a full page about animals, space, science, my books and my presentation. What a bunch of good writers!

Here are some of their drawings and samples of their writing.


Ben set the scene with a drawing of me in the assembly, holding the little ball that I use to talk about space.



Dear Mr. Simon,

You were very enthusiastic! I like The Paper Airplane Book best.

- Grace


Every word you said sounded so interesting. I want to read a lot of books.

- Cyrus


I know how hard it is to write all the time and make sure your facts are right. But I bet you take a lot of time online first before you start writing a book. I also bet you love astronomy!

-      Paige


Cat drawing by Andy.


Here is a fact about the gray wolf: Their only predator is Man.

- Shae


Mars drawing by Ava



I read more than 30 of your books and want to download your digital books on my iPad.

- Your favorite little book kid, Chris.




Now I know more about nonfiction, and maybe I can make a book myself and it might be nonfiction just like you.

- Abby


Fun fact: every man who has ever walked on the Moon was an Eagle Scout.

- Ethan


Olivia’s drawing of me flying a paper airplane  


I like space books too. I will try looking for the Space Monster book and read it.

- Bhaya


And perhaps best of all, the letters were all gathered together in an envelope that included their full return address, right down to the zip code for the universe! Do you know how to write your return address so that it includes your location in the universe? Click here to find out.


Earth and Moon by Michael


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