December 10, 2012



I have just received this lovely note from Ms. Carolyn Hjembo, the Reading Specialist at Quarry Hill Elementary School in Yardley, Pennsylvania.





Dear Mr. Simon,
My students wanted to tell you how much they enjoyed your visit to Quarry Hill Elementary this morning.


First, Gracie learned some new things when she attended the assembly.

  • Thomas liked how you made the paper airplane. The video was amazing!
  •  Alex liked how you taught us a lot of things about space.
  • I enjoyed your assembly and having the time to chat with you at breakfast and lunch.

Thanks so much for visiting us!    


You’re welcome, everybody. I had a great time, too!

For kids who want to read more about paper airplanes on my blog, inculding seeing the Paper Airplane video again (or show it to your friends), click here to find all the Paper Airplane stories on my website.

Happy folding!

Seymour Simon 


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