December 30, 2012

Once in awhile we select a Writing Wednesday topic that you all really want to write about. That happened in 2012 with a story called “Moose Emergency.” I love this story because your responses show the world that my Seymour Science readers are people who care about animals and our planet Earth. And, you believe that your words and your actions will make a difference.

Rather than pick from your writing, we are going to include every single one of your responses here. This is the #2 Seymour Science Story of 2012.

Welcome to Writing Wednesday! This week, we are asking you to use your writing to convince people to support an important cause. 

The Problem: 2012 is one of Alaska’s snowiest winters ever. 92 inches of snow have already fallen in Anchorage, Alaska - that’s 18 inches more than they usually get in a whole year! And there are still ten weeks of winter left.

The snow is so deep that moose - the largest deer on Earth - are using plowed highways and railroad tracks to get around. This is dangerous, and they are being hit by trains and cars in record numbers. Although the moose is not officially endangered, the population is much smaller because of hunting and other human activities.

The Alaska Moose Agency wants the governor to declare a "Moose Emergency," so that they can get permission to clear trees and cut paths to give the moose safe pathways to walk on.

Your Assignment: Imagine that you are part of the Alaska Moose Agency, and you are making posters to hang up all around town, asking for a Moose Emergency. The poster can’t have too many words on it, or it will be too hard to read. So, you must argue your case, and make people care about saving the moose… 50 words or less.

Tips to Make Your Writing Powerful:

o   Set the scene by appealing to your reader’s senses and imagination.

o   Include descriptive details to help to convince the reader that your cause is important.

o   Use strong verbs to get your reader to take action.


 Kids from all over the country, but particularly students from James Fallon Elementary School in Wayne, NJ and Mr. Keane’s 4th grade class in Prospect, Connecticut, leapt to the defense of the moose!

Here is all of your passionate writing. Way to go, readers!


Poor Little Moose :(             - Will, Ohio


Save the Moose: Please save the moose they are going to go endangered. Please help they don’t want to go in the railroads and streets but the floor is covered in snow you can’t blame them. They will go extinct please help them. They need lots of help please help.      - Arctic Penguin, New Jersey


Save the moose! Clear pathways for the moose. Drive slower and more carefully. Stop hunting moose. Save them from trains. Stop hunting the moose. Stop eating a lot of moose  smile  - Mr. Mystery


Save the moose from being endangered. Help convince the Alaskan Government to make safe paths for the moose to walk. Alaska is having a major snow storm and the only places moose’ can walk is plowed streets and railroads. Save the moose please. Thank you very much.     - Joseph, New Jersey


Save the moose: Please save the mouse, it is important to keep them not endangered. We can do this by making a space for them in Alaska and clearing all roads for them. We can also put up signs saying moose crossing to let people know to watch out.               - Britney, Wayne


SAVE THE MOOSE: Here are some tips to saving the moose. First, when you see a moose crossing sign you go really slow. Second, if you are hunting, and you see a moose don’t shoot it cause you are just making moose much closer to be extinct.  - Giuseppe, Wayne


Save the moose’s. Hay you have herded about the moose’s and we must stop this tragedy and save the moose! Stop the train moose! This happens a lot so my word of edvice is to stop the trains.    

- Stive


Safe the Moose

Save the moose

They don’t do anything to you 

Please don’t hit them with your car

Be careful

If you don’t make them mad they won’t hurt you

Respect the moose

How would you feel if you were the moose? 

Please Please

 HELP THEM            - Nessa


Protect the Moose!!!

Save the moose

Respect God’s creatures

What if you were a baby or adult moose and you needed paths to get from place to place

Treat them equally smile

What if you were in their shoes?              - Kristy, New Jersey


Many moose are not endangered, but are very close to. They are being hit by cars and trains. We need to stop. Moose are not that much different than us so we shouldn’t be hunting them. How would you feel if that was you being hunted? I wouldn’t like it! smilesmile:) - Alexis, James Fallon Elementary School


Save the Moose! Moose’s are people too they are all people of God and living under God’s hot sun. In Alaska the moose need a road to cross. Snow plowers should clear the roads so the moose can cross, so my motto is Save the Moose :0       - Reid, New Jersey


Save the Moose: Moose are endangered in Alaska and need lots of help. There are not many moose left in Alaska. Many are getting hit from cars, trains, and many other objects. They don’t bother us so don’t bother them. There just animals in the wild. SAVE THEM!!!!!!        - Taylor


Save the Moose: People should slow down when going to a moose populated area because they can total their car and kill a moose! I hope no people drive crazy and crash into moose’s. So please everybody slow down in moose populated areas, thank you.  smile     - Michael, New Jersey


Save the Moose: Drive more carefully. The moose population is dying because people are not careful when they drive. They are hitting the moose. Even trains are killing them because the moose try to walk on the tracks so they won’t get stuck in the snow.   - Emily, N.J.


Save the Moose! Everyone needs to stop and put everything down to save the moose. The moose are being killed because of the 92 inch snow. The moose only want to walk through the plowed snow we need to do the best we can to save the moose in Alaska.                        - strawberry monkey, James Fallon, NJ


Save the Moose

•Hitting a moose could severely damage your car and hurt the moose.

•If they become extinct, the food chain will have an empty space and other animals will die too.

•People wouldn’t be bothered as much by them.         -Erika, New Jersey


Save the moose!! The moose is almost extinct and that is bad. A lot of animal species are dying out and becoming extinct. The moose is a symbol of the sub-arctic and we don’t want them to end up like the Chinese bottlenose dolphin.            -   M4A1, New Jersey


•Save the moose

•Do not hurt them

•They shall live for ever if we are careful save da moose             -   Nickademas, Atlanta


You should save the moose because:

•    They could possibly be endangered one day

•    They can die and make the animal population really low.

•    They will only know humans as bad people and try to kill us!!!!! Oh No!  grrr

So save the moose!!!                      - Jillian, James Fallon


Save the Moose

•    Moose is a wonderful animal!

•    Moose can be least populated and never be seen again!

•    They did everything to us and this time we are there for them!

•    We have to be there for them forever!

•    We will love the moose forever!          - Bobby, NJ Wayne


Save the Moose!

Here is the reason that everybody should save the moose!

There population has dropped very quickly.

It is a danger to drivers if the moose snow covered habitats are gone.

It is a bad thing to kill them or they’ll be an endangered species!

SAVE THE MOOSE!         - Jack, Wayne NJ


SAVE THE MOOSE!!! Right now!

•    The population is decreasing

•    The Moose aren’t bad animals

•    Take action NOW!

•    Aren’t you an animal lover

•    Save the moose             - Mystery Woman


Save the moose’s. There has been an incredible amount of moose’s dying. They’ve all been getting hit by trains and cars. So please help the moose’s.     -   Nick, Wayne NJ


These are some reasons to help moose!

•    Population is getting lower.

•    They never did anything to us.

•    They are friendly to us and we should be friendly back.

•    They are great creatures

Please help, they are endangered!!!

Remember, save the moose!!                  - JP, Wayne NJ


Moose Emergency

•    Please help the Moose

•    The Moose Agency wants your help to build a moose crossing

•    This year Alaska has gotten 92 inches of snow this is more then the average snow fall in a year!

•    We really want your help in the Moose emergency             -Claudia, NJ


Moose Emergency!

Why are we doing this?

•    The moose are dying at high numbers from trains and cars.

•    The moose need our help.

•    We should create moose paths were nobody can get to them.

•    We need you, to help build these paths or help shovel snow. -   Nicky, James Fallon


SAVE THE MOOSE! The moose need your help! These are some good reasons why you should help:

•    Moose live in Alaska and it snowed a lot.

•    They have been traveling roads and they have been getting hit by cars.

•    Shovel tracks so they can get around safely.           - Christina, Wayne NJ


The Moose Need Your Help! The moose are in danger!

They need your help.

If we lose them we may never get them back.

If they are gone who knows maybe nature may loose balance and things will go wrong.

Save the moose we may never get them back! - Ekaterina, Wayne NJ


Save the Moose!

•    The Moose in Alaska are almost extinct do to various amount of snow.

•    Please help, by being very cautious while driving.

•    If everyone takes this into consideration the moose will have a happy and healthy environment!

•    The moose are insistent.

SAVE THE MOOSE!!!                       - Gman, Wayne NJ


The moose need your help!

The moose need need your help.

They are in danger we need your help.

Please help the moose.

People should plow the snow every time the snow comes.

Moose come around don’t just stand there help us!  

smile thank you                                       - Kara, NJ


Save the Moose

The moose are endangered.

Save them.

We need your help!

 Moose need your help                   - Joey, NJ


Please save the Alaskan Moose!

•    People are killing them.

•    Trains cars have been hitting them and hunting them.

•    These Moose are not able to walk in deep snow. So they walk in the streets and train tracks so that causes them to get hit.

 Please save the Moose.               - Jason D., Paterson NJ


Moose Emergency

The amounts of moose are increasing every single day!

If you look out for them the amount of moose’s will degrease everyday!

So look out for them were ever you go!

Start today don’t delay!                   - Jade, Wayne NJ


Here is the reason that we should save the moose:

They are being hit by trains and cars in record numbers

•    They are now ENDANGERED animals

•    They are being hunted down

•    PLEASE SAVE THE MOOSE!               - Francesca, Wayne NJ


Save the Moose!

The moose are in danger!

We need everyone’s help!

We may never see a moose again.

People should plow all the snow so

Moose can get around.                  - Stewie, NJ


Assist the ANIMAL!

   Save the moose! They need YOUR help to keep them out of harms way! These bullets tell you why…

•     Almost got run over by trains!

•     Population is fading quickly

•    They are a very big deal in Alaska

 Save the moose before it’s too late!       - Turkoquoise Duck, Wayne NJ


Save the Moose!

The moose is in danger and we need to save them! Please help our moose! They need us! smile                       - strawberry pony, james fallon school


The Moose is in Danger!

• We need to help them so the number stays up there.

• Try to avoid them               - Ava, James Fallon







BE CAREFUL                       - carrot dolphin, James Fallon


The moose are in danger! Since the snow in Anchorage, Alaska is so high, they have to use highways to get around. It is so dangerous for them! Also the population is much smaller because of hunting and other activities. We are now in a "moose emergency!"        - Rachel, James Fallon School


!!MOOSE IN DANGER!! Hey, did you know that moose population is going down? We don’t want that! Moose are our friends! In Alaska there is so much snow, they have nowhere to walk. They walk on roads and train tracks and are getting hit and killed! Please help moose! smile  - Blue Hedgehog, Wayne


The moose are in danger!

•The snow is too high and they are getting hit by cars when they cross the street.

•The moose population is decreasing because of hunting. -   Becky, James Fallon



Moose Need Help!

The moose are in terrible danger; you could be the one to help save them! The snowfall in Alaska was 92 inches, causing the moose to travel on dangerous highways. They are near extinction and there is still 10 weeks of winter, which means even more snow!   - Becky, Wayne NJ


•The Moose Are In Danger!

•These poor animals might become an endangered species.

•Cars  have been damaged

•Moose have been killed and severely hurt.

•The moose have been killed because Alaska got 92 inches of snow.

•There is nothing we can do to stop the cars from hitting the moose so we have to be extra careful.               - Vinny, James Fallon Elementary


Save the moose!!

 They are in danger.

You can help…

It’s simple!

And maybe we can save them!

Help the moose population!!!!!!                - maroon deer, James Fallon School




HELP SAVE THE MOOSE              - Bob, Wayne


Save the Moose!

•    The moose is in danger

•    We need to save them!

•    Please help our moose!

•    They need us!

•    Be more careful on roads

•    Drive slower

•    Look where you are driving                  - strawberry pony


Moose in danger

•    You don’t want the moose to be endangered.

•    If you’re driving on a highway in Anchorage, Alaska, always be careful.

•    You don’t want to crash into one. 

•    Please make road ways to help the moose.                        - grey dolphin


The moose are in danger! The moose have to get around by using plowed highways and railroad tracks to get around. They are getting hit by cars and trains. The population is getting smaller because of the hunting. The Alaska Moose Agency wants the governor to declare a "Moose Emergency".      -   Becky, New Jersey


•BE aware of moose!

•We should not hit and make them endangered.

•Be aware don’t hit moose unless you want your car wreck.

•Take care of moose unless you want moose’s endangered.

•Saving them by driving better and watching where you are driving

•Save moose!                       - orange donky, james fallon, wayne


Help The Moose!!

The moose is in danger and it needs our help! With all the snow it is causing the moose to walk on highways and train tracks so they are being hit by cars and trains. We need permission to cut the trees down so we can create safe pathways for them to walk. Help save the Moose!! smile   - Emily, James Fallon


Moose need your help!

The moose need your help! Because Alaska has 92 inches of snow. And now the moose need to take plowed highways and railroad tracks. people are hitting these poor animals with cars. They have no more places to go! Please help the moose they REALLY need your help!!!         - Becky, wayne NJ


Moose Emergency

Save Alaska Moose! The alaska Moose is the largest Moose on earth. They are plowing highways and railroad tracks to get around. This is dangerous, and they are being hit by trains and cars. What we can do?

We can start putting signs of "Moose Crossing".

Lets Get Involved!                - Rory, Florida


Patient in Trouble:

 Dr.Williams to the emergency room STAT!

I found what was hurt. I knew people of the world should save Moose’s. These days when Moose’s die it effects the world. Moose’s eat other animals and the animals they eat that population will get bigger. Save the Moose’s! M-O-O-S-E-S! -   passium, Florida


Have you heard of the tragic mooses are getting hit .By trucks and train because of the 90 inch snow that is causing the moose. To go on the traintracks and go in the middle of the road. So please help those poor mooses because studies say they can be vanished. So please help the mooses!      - Nicholas, Florida


you need to stop hunting moose! soon they will go extinct!    - Cole


gulp          - Mr. Keane


Save the Moose STOP EATING MOOSES  cool smirk  - Mr. Keane’s class


Stop hunting moose because they are almost getting extint.

Make fences so the moose don’t go into the road and get hit by cars.

Provide more moose signs for drivers to slow down.

Make more trails for the moose to wander around instead of going into the road. cool smile    - Mr. Keane’s class



They are almost endangered and we hope that that will stop. Things that you can do to save this large-horn-animals are to clear a path in the woods so they don’t have to run on roads or train tracks. Instead of hunting the giant deer, go to a local market for food instead. Help them out. Save some lives!  - Mr. Keane’s class


Did you know that moose might get endangered. They have been getting hit by cars and hunted. Moose are one of my favorite animals so please, save them. -   Mr. Keane’s class


Have you heard about the moose problem? Many moose are being killed so they are going to become endangered species. When you are hunting and you find a moose don’t shoot it. When their are moose signs that say moose cross some street and your in a car, Do not drive fast. Please try to save the moose.      - Mr. Keane’s class


First, if you see a moose crossing sign….... OBEY!!!!!!!!!! If you don’t I think there should be a law that if you don’t obey animal crossing signs you get arrested.grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin        - Mr. Keane’s class



In Alaska, the snow is 92 inches above ground level and moose are trying to cross the highways.

People are shooting them and they’re also being hit by cars.

Moose may soon be endanjered. People should put moose crossing signs up to warn drivers.

PLEASE HELP THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                   - Mr. Keane’s Class






  cool cheese

TRY TO HELP THEM tongue rolleye  excaim  excaim   - Olivia, Connecticut



do you want moose to DIE now do u wht if it was U? U WOULDN’T LIKE IT        -   Mr. Keane’s class



I love moose its so sad                  - Cole



save the moose excaim              - Bubble, CT



Save the moose!                             - Mr. Keane’s class

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