December 28, 2011


No question that my readers love dogs. As the New Jersey second graders who call themselves Kramer’s Kennel Club wrote: "we loved your story about a firefighter hero saving our favorite—a dog!"












A Labrador retriever suffering from smoke inhalation was saved by firefighters who carried him out of a burning house and gave him "mouth-to-snout" resuscitation.

When firefighters arrived at the fire in Wasau, Wisconsin, the owners told them that their dog was still inside. The rescuers rushed into the house and carried out the unconscious dog, named Koda. Firefighter Jamie Giese, who owns two dogs himself, said he told the other firefighters: "We’ve got to work on this dog. (We) laid him down in the front yard, and we started assisting breathing.’‘

When Koda eventually regained consciousness, firefighters placed a human oxygen mask over his snout and rushed him to an animal emergency center for medical treatment.

The rescue was successful….Koda was returned safe and sound to his owners the next morning.

 Photos: Dan Young  /  Wausau Daily Herald

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