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Macie Borusky Eleanor Roosevelt


A machine is a device that can make anything you put into it work or can destroy something.

A machine is awesome because it can do anything you want it to do. 

A tv is a kind of machine that allows me to watch my favorite shows.

Posted by Macie  on  12/07  at  01:21 PM

Steven Borusky   Eleanor Roosevelt

A beam is like a laser.

The word beam is awesome because I love lasers and beams are kind of like lasers.

I shot a beam from my laser gun.

Posted by Steven  on  12/07  at  01:22 PM

Hannah   Borusky   Eleanor Roosevelt


Pollination is when a bee lands on a flower, pollen sticks on it’s harry legs.  Then the bee goes to the same flower where the pollen rubs off to help the flower make seeds.

I think pollination is awesome because it’s the way that flowers make seeds and spread pollen. 

The bee uses pollination to help make more flowers.

Posted by Hannah  on  12/07  at  01:25 PM

Madison Borusky   Eleanor Roosevelt


A hypothesis is your way of thinking as to what will happen during the experiment

A hypothesis is awesome because it’s your way not anybody elses way of thinking as to what will happen during the experiment.

The hypothesis is the first step in making an experiment

Posted by Madison  on  12/07  at  02:04 PM

Michael Borusky   Eleanor Roosevelt


Vomit is what comes out of your stomach when it doesn’t settle well with you

Vomit is awesome because your body uses it to make you feel better

My sister Jaime vomited on the couch when she wasn’t feeling well

Posted by Michael  on  12/07  at  02:06 PM

Rae Mrs. Brousky   Eleanor Roosevelt


The moon is the big object in the sky that you can see at night

The moon is awesome because a bunch of astronuts walked on the moon.

I look at the moon in the night sky.

Posted by Rae  on  12/07  at  02:08 PM

Gabby   Mrs.  Brousky   Eleanor Roosevelt


Blood is a red liquid that is in your body to help you live.  Blood is in all your vessals. 

Blood is awesome because it helps you survive.

My blood is dark red when I get a sharp cut.

Posted by Gabby  on  12/07  at  02:09 PM

Henry Mrs. Brousky   Eleanor Roosevelt


Phosphorescene is when something gives off light without noticable heat.  You can feel it. 

Phosphorescene is awesome because it can give off light without giving out heat!

The light bulbs gave off phosphorescence.

Posted by Henry  on  12/07  at  02:15 PM

Stephan   O’Leary   Eleanor Roosevelt

Ice- water that is frozen

Ice is awesome because you can ice skate on it!

The pond turned to ice.

Posted by Stephan  on  12/07  at  02:35 PM

Faith   O’Leary   Eleanor Roosevelt


Bacillus is a special type of bateria.

Bacillus is an awesome words because I am interested in different types of bacteria. 

Bacillus is a type of bateria that I looked up on the computer.

Posted by Faith  on  12/07  at  02:41 PM

Hybrid- a mixture of two species of animals

The word is awesome because a hybrid gives you a different look at animals.

I know a friend who has a hybrid of a boxer and some other types. ( dog ) smile

Posted by Hannah  on  12/07  at  02:41 PM

Billy   O’Leary   Eleanor Roosevelt


Hail is a hard shard of ice that can dent your car.

Hail is awesome because I thought that the word was spelled interesting.

O.M.G!  This hail dented my new car!  long face

Posted by Billy  on  12/07  at  02:43 PM

Carissa   O’Leary   Eleanor Roosevelt


A mouse is a mecanical object that allows you to do things on a computer. 

A mouse is awesome because it let’s you choose what you want to do and see on the computer.

Move the mouse to click on that tab!

Posted by Carissa  on  12/07  at  02:47 PM

Maggie   O’Leary   Eleanor Roosevelt


A magnet is an object that has a strong pull. 

Magnets are awesome because because they can come in colors and you can use them to hang school work on the refrigerator. 

I use magnets to hang pictures on my refrigerator.

Posted by Maggie  on  12/07  at  02:50 PM

Elanor Rossevelt Mrs. Oleary   Julia
zoo:  a place where animals live and where you can see them

I think the zoo is awsome becouse you see amazing creatures

I like going to the zoo to see the animals. 

smile smile smile smile smile smile smile smile smile smile smile smile smile smile smile smile smile smile smile smile smile smile smile smile smile

Posted by Julia  on  12/07  at  02:52 PM

Tyler Eleanor Roosevelt

Fathom is a unit of length for measuring how deep each part of the sea is and a Fathom is six feet long.
It’s awesome because you can measure how deep each part in the sea is.

Fisherman went out on a trip one day and they used Fathom to see how deep it was because if it’s not that deep there won’t be allot of fish.

Posted by Tyler  on  12/07  at  02:52 PM

Sophia   O’Leary   Eleanor Roosevelt

Farsightedness is the condition of being able to distant objects at close range. It could also be called hyperopia, it can be corrected by using a converging lens.

It is awesome because the farsightedness can com so close at the range.

My computer teacher, Miss Clark is farsighted.  She wears contacts.

Posted by Sophia  on  12/07  at  02:54 PM

Ilana   O’Leary   Eleanor Roosevelt

Ice-  frozen water that freezed at 32 degrees F.

Ice is awesome because it can make my drink cold on a super hot day. 

Ice comes out of the refrigerator when I push the button.

Posted by Ilana  on  12/07  at  02:57 PM

1. A rare object out of the solor system
2. A rare mob.
3. A dying creature.
I is awsome because it can used as a vocab.word

There is a raindio in outer space!

Posted by jason  on  12/07  at  02:58 PM

Mancia   O’Leary   Eleanor Roosevelt

Magma-  the hot molten rock which erupts from the volcano.  Also another word for lava. 

Magma is awesome because it is very powerful and cool because the colors are bright.

I was scared because the magma from the volcano was coming towards me with great speed!!

Posted by Mancia  on  12/07  at  03:02 PM

Olivia   O’Leary   Eleanor Roosevelt

Rickets>A vitamin-D-dificiency disease in children causing soft bones and slow growth

I like the word because it just sounded good and once i read the defanition and it souned sad too so that is why i like it.

Some kids have rickets and i am so sad for them.

Posted by Olivia  on  12/07  at  03:03 PM

Kyle   O’Leary   Eleanor Roosevelt

Saturn-  is the second largest planet in the solar system.

Saturn is awesome because it’s 887 million miles from the sun, that is very far!

The rings around Saturn are made from ice and rock.

Posted by Kyle  on  12/07  at  03:06 PM

Hannah Mrs. O’Leary Eleanor Roosevelt

Hybrid- a mixture of two different species

The word is awesome because a hybrid gives you a chance to look at animals differently.

I know a friend who has a hybrid of a boxer and other things. ( dog )

Posted by Hannah  on  12/07  at  03:07 PM

Miss Kelly’s 1st Grade Class Eleanor Roosevelt


Neptune is a planet that is light and dark blue in outer space.  It is far away from Earth and the Sun. 

We think Neptune is awesome because we like studying outer space and the blue planet looks like a blue bouncy ball.

Neptune in the 8th planet away from the sun.

Posted by Miss Kelly's Class  on  12/07  at  05:11 PM

Mr. Perlman’s Class   Eleanor Roosevelt


A Rainbow is a colorful, half shaped circle that appears after it rains and gets sunny outside.

We think rainbows are awesome because they have all of our favorite colors.

I see a big colorful rainbow in the dark blue sky!

Posted by Mr. Perlman's Class  on  12/07  at  05:35 PM
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