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Mrs. Ward’s Class   Eleanor Roosevelt


Earth is the only planet in the milky way that has life.  It is the place we call home.  The center is made of magma and the earth has lots of water. 

We picked the word Earth because we all live on Earth and we are learning about Earth in class.

Earth is the third planet from the sun in the solar system.

Posted by Mrs. Ward's Class  on  12/07  at  06:11 PM

Achilles Tendon
A. The Achilles tendon connects your lower leg with your ankle.
B. I think that this word is awesome because of the Greek myth of the demigod Achilles (son /daughter of god & mortal). Achilles’ mother took him by the ankle and put him in a special potion that made him invincible. When he went into war no one could kill him. But when an arrow struck him in the Achilles tendon he died.  That’s how the Achilles tendon got its name.
C. When your Achilles tendon is inflamed it is painful; sometimes it is a challenge to walk .

Posted by Adriana  on  12/08  at  07:10 PM

Phillip   Mr. Jasper   Eleanor Roosevelt

1. A place where scientists experiment with acids and bases

2.I like the word becaus the differnt flasks inside the laboratory look really cool.

3.I want to own a laboratory when I grow up.  cool smile

Posted by Phillip  on  12/10  at  12:48 PM

William   Mr. Jasper   Eleanor Roosevelt


A Machine is something that runs on electricty and helps us live.

I think a machine is cool because a tv runs on electricity and can give us entertainment.

My dad has a race car and he usees a lot of machines to work on his car and his moter is a machine


Posted by William  on  12/10  at  12:52 PM

Vladislava Mr.Jasper Eleanor Roosevelt


A tornado is a funnel shaped storm of strong winds up to 320 miles per hour.

I picked the word tornado because I wrote about it before. 

Tornados usually occur during the summer in the Midwest or Southeast.

Posted by Vladislava  on  12/10  at  01:00 PM

Alen Mr. Jasper Eleanor Roosevelt

Adaptation means: Something that helps an organism (Any living plant or animal) survive.

The word adaptation is awesome because,it can be anything on an animal that helps it survive.

Adaptation: An example of an adaptation is: A shark has gills so that helps it breathe. The adaptation is gills and the life funtion is air.

Posted by Alen  on  12/10  at  01:12 PM

Zoe Miss.Raybuck Eleanor Roosevelt
    I think tadpoles are awesome becauseit is amazing how a frog is so small, and then grow big:)
    We just saw a tadpole jump from one lilipad to the

Posted by Zoe  on  12/10  at  01:44 PM

Brooke Mrs Raybuck   Eleanor Roosevelt


A camera is something that you take pictures with.

I like the word camera because i like taking pictuers of stuff.

I like to use a camera to take pictures.

Posted by Brooke  on  12/10  at  01:47 PM

haley miss raybuck   elenor roosevelt

family: A family is a group of people, like moms, dads, grandmoms, grandpops, aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers, sistres, and some family pets.
    the word family is awesome because everyone has a family, they are the ones that are there for you when you need them like at sad times, happy times. they help you with things too.
  my family is the best family ever

Posted by haley  on  12/10  at  01:50 PM

tyler miss raybuck eleorn roselvelt

a queen never leaves her colony and the queens are the only females in their colony.

i chosed a queen because they have a very importand role in keeping the colony running smoothle

Posted by tyler  on  12/10  at  01:51 PM

Arianna   Miss Raybuck   Eleanor Roosevelt

word dam

a dam is a wall or barrier that has a high side of water and a low side of water.

the word is awesome because not only humans can make dams but beavers can too. P.S. beavers are my second favorate animal.

the dam was so tall that on the other side there was no water

Posted by Arianna  on  12/10  at  01:51 PM

Alex   Miss Raybuck Eleanor Roosevelt


Winter is cold and is at the end of the year and two months in the begining of the year.

This word is awesome because you get to play in the snow and get hot chocolate.

In the winter I go sleding down hills.

Posted by Alex  on  12/10  at  01:51 PM

Brindalyn   Raybuck     Eleanor Roosevelt    

Salt is clear tasty little crystals.

Salt is awesome because people use it as seasonings, or sometimes they use it to kill bacteria.

Salt can help people by helping them to survive.

Posted by Brindalyn  on  12/10  at  01:53 PM

MeiMei Miss.Raybuck Eleanor Roosevelt   Map A map is piece of paper that tells you where to go like a key. A map has lots of features on it, it helps you find your way.        The word is awesome because I like looking at the map, it has lots of cool drawings and it helps us when we get lost.        My mom and I are goimg to florida but got lost so we got out our map to see where to go.

Posted by MeiMei  on  12/10  at  01:56 PM

Karissa, Eleanor Roosevelt, Miss.Raybuck


A cold blooded animal that needs sun light and heat to survive. A lizard is a type of reptile.

I think lizards are awesome because i have one named Bowser.

I want another Lizard to make my other one happier!  smile

Posted by Karissa  on  12/10  at  01:58 PM

Michael Eleanor Roosevelt Miss raybuck


If you are lost you need a map to show you where to go.

I like maps because if you are lost you can use the map.

If I was lost I would use a map for directions.

Posted by Michael  on  12/10  at  01:59 PM

Mary Miss.Raybuck Eleanor Roosevelt
Ice is a frozen liquid.

Ice is awesome because ice is a solid and a liquid at the same time.

Ice cools down everything.

Posted by Mary  on  12/10  at  02:00 PM

Austin Miss Raybuck Eleanor Roosevelt
  Prey is an animals food and it is hunted down for food.
  I think it is cool because it’s cool to watch a bird circle its prey and snatch it.
  The bird circles its prey and waits for the right time to snatch it.

Posted by Austin  on  12/10  at  02:00 PM

Harry Eleanor Roosevelt Miss.Raybuck

Solar System
A sun (or more than one) that has planets, astroids, comets, moons and more that rotate around the sun (or more) that are part of a galaxy.

This word is awesome because I very interested in space

Eath is in a solar system with one sun.

Posted by Harry  on  12/10  at  02:01 PM

Ryan N. Ms.Raybuck Eleanor Roosevelt
Word= Jurassic Period

1. The middle period of the the Mesozoic Era, lasting from about 190 to 135 million years ago.

2. It is a awesome word because the dinosaurs in the jurassic period were big and some were small and there were also herbivores and carnivores.

3. Their were dinosaurs that lived millions of years ago that died off because of some reasons.

Posted by Ryan N.  on  12/10  at  02:01 PM

Ryan Eleanor Roosevelt Miss. Raybuck
nicotine is a type of posion found in tobacco smoke and pestiside. It can cause headaches and sickness.

This word is awesome because I like studying posions and nicotine is a great thing to study.

My mom told me not to smoke because the nicotine can get me sick.

Posted by Ryan  on  12/10  at  02:03 PM

Joey Eleanor Roosevelt Miss Raybuck


  Its the color of an animal blending into its surroundings.
The word is awesome because you can not be found and be blended in.

All my friends are camouflaged when we play manhunt.

Posted by Joey  on  12/10  at  02:04 PM

teddy mrs.Sendlock Eleanor Roosevelt
the word means to start something that hasent started.
I picked the word because I know the word.
I will activate my play station 3

Posted by teddy  on  12/10  at  02:45 PM

Mariam Mrs.Sendlock Eleanor Roosevelt
Jupiter is a gas planet.
The word is awesome because I did this planet when we did posters.
Jupiter has a great red spot its kind of like Earth’s hurricane but it is not.

Posted by Mariam  on  12/10  at  02:47 PM

Hailey Mrs. Sendlock Eleanor Roosevelt
Venus is the second closes planet from the sun.
Venus is awesome because in science class we did posters and I did Venus.
venus is Earths twin.    wink

Posted by Hailey  on  12/10  at  02:51 PM
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