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My shark facts

1. Like most mammals,including humans, sharks have a large heart with four separate chambers.

2. A shark’s skeleton is made of rubbery cartilage, like the tips of our noses.

3. The jaws of bigger shark is about twice as powerful as a lions jaw!

Posted by Julia  on  05/07  at  07:19 PM

1) Great white sharks are one of the deadliest sharks smile

2) Sharks have no bones, and instead they have cartilage. XD

3) Sharks have excellent hearing. >:D

Posted by Anna 5-M  on  05/07  at  08:19 PM

Sarah, grade 4, Mrs. Daher

1. 30 to 80 percent of a shark’s flesh is made of water:)

2. Some sharks can drown from not even moving!

3. A lot of stores sell shark teeth as a necklace or for souvenirs!

Posted by Sarah  on  05/07  at  08:29 PM

1. Between 30-80%  of a shark’s flesh is made of water.

2. Sharks can get cancer.

3.  Female sharks can be pregnant for 5 months to 2 years. tongue wink

Posted by Kylie 4D  on  05/07  at  08:55 PM

1. When a shark dies, other sharks eat him/her. smile

2. The whale shark is the biggest known shark. smile

3. Sharks never fall asleep. smile


Posted by sam  on  05/07  at  09:38 PM

Jessica 4th Grade Mrs. Daher

1.  The first sharks alive live about 400 million years ago!

2. Sharks don’t have a single bone in their body, it is all made off cartalige!

3. There are about 440 species of sharks! grin

Posted by Jessica  on  05/07  at  09:44 PM

1. A Great White Shark has 20 rows of teeth.
2. The largest shark is the Whale Shark.
3.The smallest shark is the Dwarf Shark.


Posted by Andy  on  05/08  at  08:17 AM

1: On average, sharks lose 30,000 teeth a lifetime. smile

2:Sharks swim 5mph when just swimming, but in attack they swim12mph. smile

3: The fastest shark is the Shortfin Mako Shark, it can swim up the 31mph. smile

Maggie, 11 years, 5-M
Lower Gywendd Elementary PA:)

Posted by Maggie  on  05/08  at  09:03 AM

1.  Most sharks were developed about 64 million years ago during dinosaurs.

2.  You can determine the age of a shark by counting the rings on their vertebra.

3.  The chance of being killed by a shark is one in 300 million.

Posted by Avery 3GO  on  05/08  at  03:37 PM

1.  The average size of a whale shark is around 40 feet long and they weigh a ton.

2. A Galapagos shark is found worldwide it’s is migratory sharks.

3. The shark is the the most feared animal.

Posted by Gaby 3Go  on  05/08  at  03:41 PM

1. Nurse sharks are nocturnal predators.

2. Dogfish are a type of shark.

3. Horn sharks are oviparous.

Posted by Andrew 3Go  on  05/08  at  03:42 PM

1.  The most dangerous shark is a great white shark it swims in the open sea!
2.  Some sharks can bite 300 times harder than a human!
3.  Sharks come in many different sizes, shapes, and colors!!!

Posted by Ella  on  05/08  at  03:42 PM

1.  The smallest sharks live in the bottom of the ocean.

2. Whale sharks have gill rakers for catching its food.

3. Leopard sharks were once in trouble from over fishing wink  cool smile  cheese

Posted by Emma 3Go  on  05/08  at  03:44 PM

1.  Whale Sharks can weigh up to 20 tons!

2.  The Great White Sharks teeth can rip through wood and METAL.

3. Sharks livers contain lots of oil.

Posted by Milan 3GO  on  05/08  at  03:50 PM

1. Sharks are the most feared animal in the sea.

2. Every time a shark loses a tooth even if the shark loses it over and over again the tooth always grows back.

3. The most dangerous shark is the great white shark.

smile (:

Posted by Lena  on  05/08  at  03:55 PM

1.  Sometimes the great white shark kills swimmers.

2.  Sharks’ liver contains lots of oil.

3.  Salmon sharks don’t have the muscles they need to pump water through their mouths and over their gills.

Posted by Daniel 3Go  on  05/08  at  03:57 PM

1.  Whale Sharks can weigh up to 20 tons.

2.  The Great White Shark ca rip through wood and METAL!

3. Sharks livers contain lots of oil. cool mad

Posted by Milan 3GO  on  05/08  at  03:57 PM

1.  The sharks lived in more than 100 million years before the dinosaurs.
2.  Some sharks have up to 300 razor teeth.
3.  Sharks swallow each bite whole.

Posted by Richie 3go  on  05/08  at  04:00 PM

1. In New Zealand, there is a shark that barks like a dog. It is called the Swell Shark. It is a catshark of the family Scyliorhinidae. It is found in the subtropical eastern Pacific Ocean.

2. Most sharks give birth to their babies. Only a few sharks lay eggs. Most sharks have six to twelve babies at a time, but a Tiger Shark and Hammerhead can have as many as 40 babies at a time.

3.  The Whale Shark is the biggest fish in the world.
It has more than 4,000 teeth, but each is less than 1/8 inch long.  A shark may go through 1,000 sets of teeth during its lifetime.  When a shark loses a tooth, one replaces it. A Whale Shark weighs about 90,000 pounds.

Cassidy S.
Fifth grade
Lower Gwynedd Elementary School

Posted by percyannabeth  on  05/08  at  05:17 PM

1. The great white shark is the largest predator fish on Earth.

2. There are more than 350 different kinds of sharks.

3. From about 100 yards sharks can detect the smallest vibrations created by movements of struggling fish.

Lower Gwynedd Elementary School

Posted by Josh  on  05/08  at  08:12 PM

1. The scientific name for a shark is “selachimorpha”.

2. In Native Hawaiian culture, sharks are considered to be gods of the sea.

3. Evidence for the existence of sharks dates from the Ordovician period, over 450–420 million years ago.


Posted by Chris  on  05/09  at  04:00 PM

1. you have a more likely chance of dying or being hit by a coconut,than getting eaten by a shark? grin

2.sharks are related to rays!:-D

3.sharks are cannibals!:-O


Posted by james  on  05/09  at  04:06 PM

1. “Jaws” was based on a real event.

2. Sharks don’t use their teeth for chewing

3. Between 30 and 80 percent of a sharks flesh is made from water.


Posted by Halle  on  05/09  at  04:08 PM

1:Around 30 and 80% of a shark’s flesh is made of water. A protein network gives the flesh its structure.
2: One of the Lord Mayors of London was a shark attack victim in 1749. Brook Watson lost his leg in an attack while docked off the coast of Cuba.
3:Of the average 30 to 50 shark attacks reported each year, only 5 to 10 prove to be fatal. So while being bitten by a shark is rare, dying from a shark bite is even rarer.

Facts helped from Discovery Channel


Posted by Brina  on  05/09  at  04:12 PM

Fact 1)  Between 30 and 80 percent of shark’s flesh is made of water

Fact 2)  A few known shark species will drown if the stop moving

Fact 3)  Whale sharks are the world’s biggest fish

Lower Gwynedd Elementary School

Posted by Paige  on  05/09  at  05:11 PM
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