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1. there are many different kinds of sharks

1.sharks are dangerous.

1. there are over 100 kinds of sharks

Josue 4-0


Posted by Josue  on  05/16  at  08:20 PM

Sharks have cartilage
Sharks regrow their teeth more than two times
when a great white shark is born it runs away from its mother:)

Ben 3Goodman
Lower Gwynedd Elementary

Posted by Ben  on  05/16  at  09:46 PM

1.  Sharks have been around nearly 400 million years?

2. Sharks are the only fish that can blink its own eyes in water.

3. Sharks are fish, but some sharks can drown if they stay still in water.

Rachel 4th grade Mrs.Hayman smile

Posted by Rachel  on  05/16  at  11:34 PM

1 The biggest shark in the world is the whale shark! sick
2 If a shark looses one of its teeth it grows back. raspberry
3 The biggest sharks have the smallest teeth. rolleyes

Posted by Leo  on  05/17  at  03:21 PM

The largest shark in the world is the Whale shark.
There are 7 kinds of Hammerhead sharks.
Sharks don’t care for their babies.


Posted by matthew3go  on  05/17  at  03:32 PM

there are about a dozon shark attacks each year in the U.S.A

Its more likely getting hit by lightning then getting killed by a shark

they belong to a class called condrictheys
tongue wink cheese  smile

Posted by Emma 3Go  on  05/17  at  03:45 PM

its more likely to get hit by lighting then get attacked by a shark

sharks can go though thousands of teeth

sharks have 5-7 gills

Posted by leah 3Go lower gwynedd  on  05/17  at  03:45 PM

sharks have 6 sencis

there are 9 different kinds of hammer heads

there are 350 kinds of sharks

Posted by leah 3Go lower gwynedd  on  05/17  at  03:50 PM

Sharks can bite through thick pieces of steel smile

Hammer heads have a few eniemies gulp

Some shark attacks are called hit and run attacks big surprise

Posted by Emma 3Go  on  05/17  at  03:50 PM

Sharks can bite through steel.
Sharks rarely attack people.
Sharks can hear sonds half a mile away.  smile

Posted by Michael 3-GO  on  05/17  at  04:02 PM
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