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Danielle age:11 teacher: Mrs. Havrgrave
School: Harbins Elementary city: Dacula, Georgia

Fact 1: The blind shark got it’s name from the habit of retracting their eye balls, which makes there eye lids close.

Fact 2: Some sharks don’t eat meat, they eat mollusks and clams and live close to the bottom of the ocean to get there food

Fact 3: Sharks eat different amounts depending on the kind of shark they are. Some sharks can eat a huge amount of food and live of the oils in their liver. When the oil gets low they have the instinct to eat again.

Posted by heartgirl14  on  05/02  at  10:48 PM

Jacob age: 9 Teacher:  Mrs Backlund
School:  Independence Elementry City: Big Lake,MN

1.  A great white shark can weigh up to seven thousand pounds.

2.  Sharks have existed for over 300 million years.  They are older then the dinosaurs.

3.  The bull shark is the only shark that can live in freshwater and saltwater.

Posted by Jacob  on  05/04  at  07:05 PM

1: you are more likely to get a dog attack than a shark attack.
2: sharks will eat most fish in the sea.
3: The megaladon shark is the size of 1-2 buses.

Samuel 4-0

Posted by Samuel  on  05/06  at  05:32 PM

1:sharks have up to 5-7 gill slits
2:sharks where found more than 420 million years ago
3:there are more than 470 species of sharks

Gaby Age: 10 Teacher: Mrs. O’Brien
Lower Gwynedd Elementry

Posted by Gaby Age: 10 Teacher: Mrs. O'Brien  on  05/06  at  07:33 PM

1.Sharks rarely attack humans.

2.They have 5 to 7 gill slits on the side of their head.

3.Great White Sharks can swim up to 15 miles per hour. :D

Alan 4-0

Posted by Alan 4-0  on  05/06  at  08:29 PM

1.  There are more than 440 kinds of sharks.

2.  A shark can lose more than 30,000 teeth in its lifetime.

3.  Most harmless sharks tend to be the biggest.

Erin 4-0

Posted by Erin 4-0  on  05/06  at  08:46 PM

3 fascinating facts about sharks are…

1. Sharks are in the Chondrichthyes fish group.

2. Sharks don’t have any bones in their body because they are made up of cartilage. Cartilage is the same material as your ear.

3. The first shark was found 409 million years ago. <3

Mari 4-0

Posted by Mari 4-0  on  05/06  at  09:15 PM

1. Between 30 and 80 percent of a shark’s flesh is made of water
2. Great White Sharks eat 11 tons of food a year
3. Whale Sharks are the world’s biggest fish

Shyanne 4-0 Mrs.O’Brien

Posted by Shyanne 4-0 Mrs.O'Brien  on  05/06  at  09:18 PM

1. Sharks can detect blood from miles away.
2. Some sharks have other sharks in their diet.
3. Most sharks are more active at night and evening when they hunt.

Hannah 4-0

Posted by Hannah 4-O  on  05/06  at  09:24 PM

1. It’s liver help’s the shark to float

2. About 370 species of sharks

3.After a great white eats a seals or sea lions it doesn’t need to eat for a month or more

Amy 4-0

Posted by Amy 4-0  on  05/06  at  09:27 PM

Facts about Sharks

1-The hammer head sharks have the best sense of smell.

2-Pigs kill more people every year than sharks do.

3-Sharks don’t chew their food, they swallow it whole.

Aidan 4-0

Posted by Aidan 4-0  on  05/06  at  10:32 PM

1.The first sharks were living over 100 million years ago.

2. Some sharks have as many as 3,000 razor sharp teeth.

3.People die from insectes more than they do from sharks.


Posted by Madison  on  05/07  at  11:33 AM

1 Sharks can smell even a single drop of blood in the water from even more than a mile away.

2 Most sharks are just a few feet long.

3 Mako sharks and blue sharks are the fastest.


Posted by richard  on  05/07  at  11:34 AM

1. The first sharks lived more than 100 million years before the dinosaurs.
2. Some sharks have up to 3,000 really sharp teeth. 
big surprise
3. The whale shark can weigh up to as much as three elephants.
  cool smile

Amanda 3-c
Lower Gwynedd Elementry

Posted by Amanda 3-c  on  05/07  at  11:35 AM

1.  Some sharks have 3,000 razor sharp teeth.

2.  Sharks swallow there meal whole.

3.  A shark can smell even a single drop of blood from more than a mile away.

Shawn Gindea 3C

Posted by Shawn  on  05/07  at  11:39 AM

1. The biggest shark is the whale shark and it has 3000 teeth.

2. The Great White Shark gets its name from its white belly.

3. The megalaodon shark was bigger than a school bus.

2J Mrs. Johnson’s class
Lower Gwynedd Elementary School

Posted by 2J Mrs. Johnson's class  on  05/07  at  11:46 AM

1. Sharks may mistake humans as their food.
2. Every time a shark loses a tooth, another always grows back in.
3. A shark’s skin has sharp scales.


Posted by Aidan  on  05/07  at  02:14 PM

1- An object in the sharks body that helps it float is the liver.

2- A shark can smell a drop of blood from over a mile away!

3- Sharks attack humans by mistake. They mistake humans for food.

Brooke 5-M / Mrs.Milunic

Posted by Brooke  on  05/07  at  04:59 PM

1. The scientific name for a shark is “selachimorpha”.
2. The Whale Shark is the largest shark in the world.
3. Some sharks can bite three hundred times harder than a human.
5th Grade

Posted by Erin  on  05/07  at  05:19 PM

1. Sometimes they will take a bite out of their prey or just sink their teeth in to get a taste before they start really feeding.
2.A shark attack on a human usually occurs in less than 6 feet 6 inches of calm water, and within a relatively short distance from shore.
3.The Megamouth shark is the rarest of the shark species. It was discovered in 1976.

Posted by Shelby  on  05/07  at  05:22 PM

1: Sharks do not chew their food, they swallow it whole.

2: Sharks have really good senses

3: Sharks don’t have bones. Their skin is made up of cartilage.

Ashley 5-M Pennsylvania

Posted by Ashley  on  05/07  at  05:31 PM

1. Between 30 and 80 percent of a sharks flesh is made of water.

2. Great White Sharks don’t have eyelids, but instead roll their eyes back to protect them.

3. Great White Sharks can jump out the water over 2 m into the air.

Ben, 4th grade, Mrs. Daher

Posted by Ben  on  05/07  at  06:13 PM

I like the solar system books.

sharks have cartilage instead of bones

some sharks are nocturnal

whale sharks eat plankton


Posted by nate  on  05/07  at  06:27 PM

Every shark has tiny sensors at the tip of its snout to help it find food like a metal detector finding treasure.

Sharks have teeth all over their body. Their skin has really tiny spikes, like a prickle bush.

A shark’s teeth are in rows like a roller coaster ride. If a shark looses one of its teeth, one will grow back right away and move forward to take the place of the old one. Just like when a person gets off a roller coaster, a new person will take their place for the next ride.

Posted by Zac  on  05/07  at  06:37 PM

1:Sharks mainly consume seals, sea lions and large fish, not humans.

2: Sharks can smell blood a mile away from themselves

3: Sharks can have over 300 layers of teeth.

Lower Gwynedd Elementary School

Posted by Austin  on  05/07  at  06:43 PM
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