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Here are three fascinating+interesting facts about sharks.

1. A shark can hear fish in the water from a mile away.

2. Sharks can smell one drop of blood in a million drops of water

3. The Dermal denticles that covers Shark skin is so tough and hard that before the invention of sandpaper, shark skin was used to polish wood.

4th Grade, Mrs. Daher
Lower Gwynnedd Elementary School

Posted by Jacob  on  05/09  at  07:06 PM

1. Sharks are carnavors.

2. The biggest shark is the whale shark.


3. There are 350 different kinds of sharks.

Posted by Hannah  on  05/09  at  08:17 PM

You have written so many books that are really great!  Did you know that sharks have teeth in their skin as well as their mouth.  The biggest species of shark was the Megladon standing over 100ft. Sharks have over 1,000 teeth in their mouth and they always grow back,no matter how many times they fall out.  smile smile smile

Posted by Owen  on  05/09  at  08:55 PM

1. Sharks have teeth in their skin as well as their mouth.

2.  The biggest species of shark was the Megladon standing over 100 feet tall.

3.  Sharks have over 1,000 teeth in their mouth and they grow back no matter how many times they fall out.  smile  smile  smile

Posted by Owen 4D Mrs. Daher  on  05/09  at  08:58 PM

Sharks can smell a drop of blood a mile away.
They loose their teeth and they grow back right away.
Sharks dont have any bones in their body they have cartilage.

Posted by Shamir  on  05/09  at  09:11 PM

Three Fascinating Facts About Sharks!

Fact #1. The Whale Shark is the largest fish and an average of 40 feet long and even weighs about 20 tons!

Fact #2. The Galapagos Shark is found worldwide.

Fact #3. The Whale Shark eats mainly krill and plankton. Each of the krill and plankton are very small.

Sara S.
4th Grade
Mrs. Daher

Posted by Sara S.  on  05/09  at  09:46 PM

Fact 1. Well known species of sharks are… the great white sharks, the tiger shark, the blue shark, the mako shark, and the hammerhead shark. smile
Fact 2. The bull shark and river shark can swim in freshwater or seawater. smile
Fact 3. Sharks existed in the Ordovician period smile

Posted by Mya 4D Lower Gwynedd  on  05/10  at  09:12 AM

Fact 1 There are more than 350 different kinds of sharks.
Fact 2 You are 1,000 times more likely to drown in the sea than you are to be bitten by a shark.
Fact 3 Eating Shark flesh is forbidden in both the Solomon and Fiji islands. smile

Lower Gwynedd Elementary School

Posted by Lawson  on  05/10  at  12:17 PM

1: About 90% of the people who are attacked by sharks survive.
2: If sharks stop moving they start to sink.
3: More people are killed by bee stings than shark attacks.

Posted by Nathan 4-O  on  05/12  at  10:27 PM

Whale sharks can weigh as much as three elephants.
Whale sharks have a six foot wide mouth.
Whale sharks are the biggest fish, but they eat tiny plankton.

Posted by KCB  on  05/13  at  10:43 AM

1. The first sharks lived more then 100 million years
before the dinosaurs.

2. The Hammerhead shark has a head shaped as a hammer.

3. Some sharks can bite 300 times harder then a human.  vampire  vampire  vampire

Posted by Logan  on  05/15  at  01:57 PM

1. Sharks can swim faster than we can run.
2. Great White Sharks do not eat people.
3. Sharks can smell a drop of blood from a mile away.

Posted by K-B.  on  05/15  at  02:03 PM

nurse sharks can suck snails out of their shells
their strong jaws crush lobsters and clams long face
resting nurse sharks pile on top of each other on the ocen floor rolleyes

Posted by lizzie 3Go  on  05/15  at  02:04 PM

1.  the largest shark and the largest fish in the world is the whale shark
2.  sharks are the most feared animals in the sea
3.  sharks don’t have any bones in there bodies

Posted by Isabel 3GO  on  05/15  at  02:10 PM

1. Sharks were around 100 million years before the Dinosaurs.

2. Hammerhead sharks have heads shaped as a hammer.

3. Some sharks can bite 300 million times harder then humans.

vampire  vampire

Posted by Logan 3GO Lower Gwynedd Elementary School  on  05/15  at  04:57 PM

Fascinating Facts About Sharks      

1. Between 30 and 80 percent of shark’s flesh is made of water.

2. Sharks’ livers contain lots of oil. This makes the liver a relatively buoyant organ, which helps sharks keep their balance in the water.

3. Instead of closing it’s eyelids, a great white shark rolls it’s eyes into the back of it’s head when it attacks.
This behavior helps the shark protect it’s eyes from debris and the thrashing of it’s prey. 

5P (Mr. Packel)
Lower Gwynedd Elementary School smile smile smile smile smile smile smile

Posted by Sydney  on  05/15  at  08:42 PM

1. A sharks skeleton is made of cartilage, a type of strong but flexible tissue.

2. Most sharks must keep moving in order to breathe and to stay afloat.

3. Some sharks hold food in their stomachs without jt being digested.

5th grade
5P- Mr. Packel

Posted by Siyeon  on  05/15  at  10:20 PM

1. Some sharks remain on the move for their whole lives. this forces water over their gills, delivering oxygen to the blood stream. If the shark stops moving then it will suffocate and die.

2. A pup (baby shark) is born ready to take care of itself. The mother shark leaves the pup to fend for itself and the pup usually makes a fast get away before the mother tries to eat it.

3. Not all species of shark give birth to live pups. Some species lay the egg case on the ocean floor and the pup hatches later on its own.

Posted by Helen, 3rd, Mrs.Salvitti  on  05/15  at  11:00 PM

1. A whale shark can open it’s mouth up to 6 feet wide!
2. The Great White Shark is the scariest with 50 two-and-one half inch sharp teeth!
3.  Sharks can smell blood in the water from more than a mile away!

Posted by Mrs.Morrissey's 2nd Grade Class  on  05/16  at  10:12 AM

KS- Mrs. Stapp’s Kindergarten Class
Our Favorite Shark Facts
1.Sharks lived before the dinosaurs
2. Sharks can smell a drop of blood a mile away.
3. Sharks don’t chew their food.

Posted by Logged Out User  on  05/16  at  11:55 AM

1. The earliest known sharks were around for more than 420 million years ago.

2. Of the average 30 to 50 shark attacks reported each year, only 5 to 10 prove to be fatal. So while being bitten by a shark is rare, dying from a shark bite is even rarer.

3.  Shark attacks occur around California because U.S. government protection of sea mammals, like seals, sea lions and sea otters, has increased their populations off the West Coast. There’s more food for sharks there, and humans just get in the way.

Lower Gwynedd Elementary School

Posted by Logan 3GO  on  05/16  at  06:37 PM

1: A shark’s jaw is lined with as many as twenty rows of teeth.
2: Sharks keep from sinking because there is oil in their livers that act as a float.
3: If a shark stops swimming, it weight pulls it down to the bottom.

Posted by Brina 5-S  on  05/16  at  06:47 PM

Mr. Packel
Lower Gwynedd Elementary

Sharks never get cancer! Their cartilage is used in being studied with the hope of developing anti-cancer drugs

Sharks attack more men than women. No one knows why this is the case.

There are about 350 different types of sharks, but researchers think there are other sharks that haven’t been discovered yet!

Posted by Hanson  on  05/16  at  07:46 PM

Here are some fascinating facts about “sharks!”

1. “Sharks” is a 6 letter word!
2. “Sharks” starts with the letter “S.”
3. The word “sharks” is the plural of the word “shark.”

Mr. Packel

Posted by PABLO LGE  on  05/16  at  08:05 PM

1. there are many different kind of sharks.

2. sharks are dangerous.
3. there are small sharks and big sharks

Posted by Josue  on  05/16  at  08:11 PM
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